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Toyota Hilux Single Cabin Price 2023 in Pakistan

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The ultimate beast is here to rock the roads and fulfill all your wildest dreams. The robust and magnificent Hilux single cabin is here to offer you the ride of your life. With the use of double-wishbone suspension and leaf rigid axle suspension in the front and the rear, respectively, the suspension has been tuned to perfection, and you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride even in the bumpiest of terrain. If you are looking for comfort and robustness simultaneously, then Toyota Hilux cars are the best option you can go for.

The car’s versatility is next level, and you can use it for any purpose. The vehicle can be modified and utilized ideally for any of your needs. It is an excellent option for security companies, transportation companies, as a sports car, or to fulfill your adventures ventures off-road. It has been designed with perfection to include power, innovation, and comfort for your needs. Chiseled to excellence, it is an excellent purchase if you are an off-road adventure lover or need to reach places carrying loads where other cars cannot even think of going.

What’s New in the Hilux Single Cabin 2023?

Toyota Hilux cars are designed to impress at first sight. The Hilux single cabin has been designed likewise; the magnificence, robustness, masculinity, and extravagance are simply unmatchable. The front of the car has a bold and strong appearance with vertical black grille upfront. The Bi-LED headlights add to the power-packed appearance of the vehicle. The front of the vehicle is also equipped with fog lights for extreme condition navigation; they are placed below the headlights and provide great vision.


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The black door handles, matching with the body, make them look elegant and help create a cohesive look. The alloy rims contribute to the luxurious appearance of the car. The rear of the car has taillights and a manually operated load bay.


Source: toyota-central.com/

For Toyota Hilux cars, the first impression is lasting, as you can see the same elegance, sophistication, and class in the interior design of the vehicle as well. The interior of the Hilux single cabin is elegant, classy, comfortable, and designed to finesse. The single cabin has only two seats that are as comforting as possible. You can find a dashing dashboard offering easy access to all your controls. The entertainment system, along with a wide touch screen, air conditioning duct, and all control options, are at your fingertips on the dashboard. The sound system is also efficient for an enjoyable experience.

Hilux single cabin 2023 specs:

The engine is as strong as it can be. The different variants have different engine capacities and power. The front-wheel-drive standard Hilux has 2755 cc engine displacement. You can get around 170 hp at 3400 rpm from the DOHC 16 valves engine and 420 Nm torque at 1400 rpm. This variant is diesel operated and is robust enough to carry and tow heavy loads.

The power and torque are less for the Hilux 2.4 L four-wheel drive. Under the bonnet, you have a turbocharged four inline cylinder engine, giving you a maximum torque of 400 Nm at 1600 rpm and full power of 150 hp at 3400 rpm. The power offered by this variant is a little disappointing considering its competitors but still is sufficient for heavy loads and rough terrains. This version takes around 13.2 sec. to increase its speed from 0 to 100 km/h, which is a bit on the slower side.

Source: toyota-central.com/

The petrol variant has a 1 GD-FTV 4 incline cylinder engine that can offer a maximum of 420 torque at 1400 rpm and a maximum power of 170 ho at 3400 rpm, which is quite impressive.

Toyota Hilux single cabin is a five-star rated safety car with standard safety offered to adults, children, from extreme road conditions and comes with a safety assist. The electronic emergency brake-force distribution helps to stop the car in an instant. Several indicators warn you ahead of any upcoming issue like light engine oil leveling warning, seat belt warning sign, and other warning signs. The car also comes with a dual SRS airbag to protect both the passengers.

Price of Toyota Hilux Single Cabin 2023:

The price of the car is amazing, considering the numerous mind-blowing features it has to offer. The rice starts as low as Rs. 40, 49,000 for the standard 4 x 2 Hilux, while it goes as high as Rs. 54, 69,000 for the four-wheel drive variant. The Hilux 4 x 2 UP SPEC is available at a price tag of Rs. 40, 79,000.

In a nutshell:

Toyota Hilux single cabin is a powerful and comfortable car, great to be modified to use as per your needs. The car’s performance is stunning and is great for off-road and extreme adventures. And with the fantastic price tag, it is a must-buy. The car is sure to exceed your expectations regarding comfort and robustness.