Hilux ambulance (Single Door)

Hilux ambulance (Single Door)

Best Toyota Hilux Ambulance in Pakistan

A single cabin Hilux pick-up can be equipped with our stylish and unmatchable ambulance fabrication. The rear cargo deck is fitted with Marks fiberglass single cabin canopy and the interior fabrication includes a whole digital unit of controls, an imported Auto-loader stretcher which can bear a 240kg load, Japanese oxygen therapy flow meters and pressure regulators, fiberglass cabinets and shelves made with CNC mould making unit, our stylish utility panels and an air conditioning system.

We fabricate all versions of Hilux pick-up ambulance including:
1. Advanced/Basic/standard life support Ambulance
2. Cardiac ambulance
3. Rescue ambulance

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Leading Toyota Hilux Ambulance in Pakistan – Marks

Toyota Hilux is our flagship model for the majority of our canopies and for fabricating ambulances as well. We at Marks make sure to use the best quality products to fabricate custom designs for our clients. Customer satisfaction is our main motto, and we have succeeded in building our clients into regular customers.

Marks works on transforming high-quality, stylish, functional vehicles into more versatile and highly-functional versions. Marks conversion is one of the best of its kind, and the precision level and attention to detail are unparalleled.

Marks is one of the largest ambulance manufacturers in Pakistan and is the pioneer of the Hilux ambulance in Pakistan. The Toyota Hilux ambulance is one of our most popular products. We can proudly say it is one of the best ambulances in the market that is highly equipped, functional, and can work efficiently on rough terrains.

Toyota Hilux Ambulance Exterior

The masculinity and robustness of the Toyota Hilux are nothing new; the overpowering personality, powerful engine, and immaculate design are unmatchable. It is perfect for rough and challenging terrains where many other cars fail to operate. Pakistan has many rural areas and outskirts of urban areas where there are no proper roads. Accessing these areas for an emergency can be very difficult and sometimes impossible with regular ambulances.

The Toyota Hilux ambulance is perfect for such areas because of its robust body, amazing suspension, and powerful engine. The design of the Hilux ambulance is such that all safety measures have been taken, including bright headlights and rear brake lights that are mounted at the top of the cabin to ensure visibility.

Marks ambulance fabrication includes all necessary painting and additional features like a blaring multi-horn siren transforming the Hilux into a fully functional ambulance. The fiberglass canopy at the rear deck is designed to be a part of the vehicle and is provided with brake lights as well as a side door and sliding windows. There is no compromise on functionality or style.

Toyota Hilux Ambulance Interior

The canopy added to the rear deck is designed and equipped with all necessary ambulance equipment and systems. This includes an imported Auto-loader stretcher that can bear up to 240kgs easily, fiberglass shelves and cabinets for maximum utilization of space, Japanese oxygen therapy flow meters, and pressure regulators.

Furthermore, a control panel with all necessary control of air conditioning, communication, and lights has been provided for efficient control. The air conditioning system provided in the cabin is spot-on for temperature regulation. All necessary measures for the comfort of the patient have been taken. Sliding windows have been provided for easy access.

A squad bench has also been added for trained personnel to accompany the ambulance in order to provide pre-hospital care. The interior can be equipped according to the customer’s requirement to design a basic, advanced life support ambulance or a cardiac or rescue ambulance.

Toyota Hilux Ambulance Price in Pakistan

Ambulance prices vary significantly with the type of ambulance that has been designed. Toyota Hilux ambulance price in Pakistan depends on how much the ambulance has been equipped. A fully equipped ambulance price in Pakistan can vary depending on the vehicle used and the level of equipment installed in it. The price of a Toyota single cabin starts from Rs. 48.2 lacs, so the ambulance will be priced greater than it accounting for the canopy, systems, and equipment installed.


Marks and its products have revolutionized ambulance conversion in Pakistan. Toyota Hilux Marks is our go-to vehicle for fiberglass canopies that can be equipped well to function as ambulances, police escort vehicles, and much more. The Hilux ambulance is one of our priced products with unmatched features and quality. Marks is the best choice to go for ambulance fabrication in Pakistan.