Changan Karvaan Ambulance 

Changan Karvaan Ambulance 

Changan Karvaan is a new entry to the Pakistani market and an economical option for ambulances that can accommodate 01 patient and 2 attendants. This ambulance costs lower than all other vehicle ambulance modifications. An LED or Rotary strobe light bar is installed over the driver cabin. It can be equipped with an imported or local stretcher, depending on the client’s budget and requirements.

changan karvaan ambulance
Changan Karvaan Amublance
Changan Karvaan Amublance
Changan Karvaan Amublance
Changan Karvaan Amublance
Changan Karvaan Amublance
Changan Karvaan Amublance Changan Karvaan Amublance Changan Karvaan Amublance Changan Karvaan Amublance Changan Karvaan Amublance

Best Changan Ambulance Conversion in Pakistan by Marks

Many times, we need something moderate, neither too fancy nor too mediocre. Changan Karvaan is such a car that it is great for moderate use. It is the perfect balance between luxurious, spacious vans and congested, poorly built vans. Karvaan lets you enjoy a moderately spacious space with a slight touch of luxury and sophistication at an amazing price. The build is much stronger than the cheaper options available, making it a great choice.

Changan Karvaan, a recently introduced luxurious van in the market, has taken over the market like wildfire. The gorgeous exterior with a functional and comfortable interior, great performance, and mileage make it very attractive to customers. The vehicle’s functionality, price, performance, and style are perfect to use for multiple purposes, including family and commercial use. Overall, Changan Karvaan has outclassed many competitors in the market and has established a good name in the market.

Ambulance Fabrication in Pakistan:

Designing and fabricating an ambulance is a crucial task that requires many features and specifications to be fulfilled. Changan Karvaan has been able to satisfy the ambulance maker to serve as a basic and advanced life support ambulance in Pakistan. The spacious Changan Karvaan interior, which is comfortable and luxurious, robust structure, excellent engine performance, stability, amazing mileage, and mind-blowing price, have made it an excellent choice for fabricating it into an ambulance. Marks conversion of Changan Karvaan into an ambulance has been a hit in the market.

Changan Karvaan Exterior:

This stunning vehicle comes with a glamorous exterior that gives off luxurious vibes. The front chrome grill makes it look stylish, and the dual-wing grill allows for excellent ventilation. The front of the car has been equipped with powerful headlights and a high-density fog lamp that improves visibility in dark and foggy environments.

The rear of the car has been provided with crisp LED tail lamps making it easily visible even in the dark. The rear sliding doors are very functional as well as stylish. The sliding doors allow for a wise entry and exit passage for people along with cargo. Furthermore, the sliding door makes it easily accessible even in tight and congested spaces.

The exterior of the vehicle can easily be designed to look like an ambulance. Additional sirens and blaring lights can also be added to increase visibility and alert surrounding people of it being an ambulance.

Changan Karvaan Interior:

The spacious interior of the vehicle is what makes it a preferred choice for an ambulance. It offers 6+1 passenger seating along with two additional seats in the front. For transforming it into an ambulance, the seats can easily be removed, and you will get a good spacious to include all the necessary equipment for an ambulance. A stretcher along with seating for 2 or 3 people and all essential ambulance equipment can easily be accommodated at the back.

The interior structure of the Changan Karvaan is luxurious and comfortable and can be modified to make it soundproof for added comfort of the patient. The Changan Hi Roof version creates a more spacious interior allowing for easier use as an ambulance. The vehicle comes with a dual air conditioning system for rear and front seat passengers.

Additional rear control for the air conditioning system has also been added to adjust the temperature accordingly. The front lunar vents allow for an exquisite AC design. The steering wheel and gearbox have been ergonomically placed and designed for a comfortable ride. All control has been elaborately provided in the front with easy and comprehendible markings and precise control. Changan Karvaan accessories are commendable for their quality and functionality.

Changan Karvaan Engine:

The Changan Karvaan has been equipped with the latest, most advanced, and most powerful engine to support the robust structure and interior of the vehicle. The 1000cc engine is perfect for providing sufficient power to ride smoothly within the city and developed areas. The engine can provide 68 hp at 6000 rpm and a maximum torque of 92 Nm to ensure a smooth and peaceful ride.

The vehicle comes with a five-speed manual transmission that allows for great control and smooth drive. The gear-shifting is very smooth and ergonomically placed. To ensure a smooth ride, the vehicle has been provided with front Macpherson struts that make sure you enjoy a smooth, sound, and comfortable ride. Many safety features like excellent brakes, energy-absorbing steering wheels, belts, etc., have been added.

Changan Karvaan Ambulance Price in Pakistan

There are different models of Changan Karvaan presently in the market. The Karvaan is a very economical and affordable vehicle with prices as low as Rs. 2,069,000 for its base model and as high as Rs. 2,219,000 for the top-of-the-line plus model. Additional charges will be applicable for transforming it into an ambulance.

Why Choose Marks Changan Karvaan Ambulance?

Changan Karvaan is a very affordable, powerful, stylish, and functional vehicle suitable for family and commercial use. It is a great option to choose for fabricating an ambulance in Pakistan as it is spacious, comfortable, and robust. With so many amazing features, this vehicle has grown quickly to become one of the most favorite vehicles among customers.