Shehzore Ambulance

Shehzore Ambulance

Leading Shehroze Ambulance in Pakistan – Marks

Hyundai ambulance is one of our spacious fabricated ambulance. The rear cargo deck is fitted with Marks fiberglass canopy and the interior fabrication includes an imported Auto-loader stretcher which can bear 240kg load, Japanese oxygen therapy flow meters and pressure regulators, fiberglass cabinets and shelves made with CNC mould making unit, our stylish utility panels and an air conditioning system. A dual A.C can be installed which works for the driver cabin and in the rear canopy.

Shehzore Ambulance interior
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Shehzore Ambulance – Marks

Shehzore Ambulance is a trusted name in Pakistan when it comes to ambulance services. With a fleet of over 100 ambulances, Shehzore provides ambulance services to all major cities in Pakistan.

Shehzore ambulance is an emergency service in Pakistan that provides free transportation to patients needing medical treatment. The government runs the service and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shehzore ambulances are integrated with the latest medical equipment and trained staff.

Shehzore Ambulance Conversion

In 2006, Pakistan’s government committed to improving its healthcare system by investing in a nationwide network of ambulance services. Part of this effort was the conversion of Shehzore Ambulances, which saw old trucks being refurbished and equipped with medical supplies and equipment. The program was a success and helped improve access to emergency care for people living in rural areas.

Shehzore Ambulance Exterior

The exterior of the Shehzore ambulance is very sleek and modern looking. The front of the ambulance has a large grill, and the back has a large window. The sides of the ambulance are mostly white, with a red and blue stripe running down the middle. The top of the ambulance is also white, with a red and blue stripe running down the middle. The ambulance looks very clean and well-maintained.

Shehzore Ambulance Interior

The interior of the Shehzore ambulance is clean and spacious. Two rows of benches, one on each side of the aisle, face each other. A large cabinet at the back of the ambulance holds all of the medical supplies. The walls are painted light blue, and the floor is covered with linoleum tile.

The ambulance also has a light above the cabinet that illuminates the entire interior. It is equipped with life-saving equipment such as oxygen tanks, defibrillators, and IVs. A driver and a paramedic typically staff shehzore ambulances.

Shehroze Ambulance Price in Pakistan

The price of this ambulance is Rs. 24.5 lakhs. It was launched in 2013, and its production was discontinued in 2017. The vehicle was designed for use in disaster relief and medical emergencies.

The price of the Shehzore ambulance makes it one of the most expensive vehicles in its class. However, its features make it an ideal choice for emergency response teams and medical professionals.


Its a great choice for those in need of emergency medical care. It is well-designed and equipped with the latest medical equipment. It is also comfortable and easy to move around in. The price of this ambulance is high, but its features make it worth the investment.