Toyota Hilux Revo 2023 Price in Pakistan

Toyota Hilux Revo Price 2023 in Pakistan

Toyota Hilux Revo Price 2023 in Pakistan 1600 920 admin

The wild beast, Toyota Hilux Revo, commonly referred to as Toyota Revo, is again here to conquer the roads with its latest power-packed, extravagant, and chiseled to perfection 2023 model. It is a car built to incorporate innovation and overpower every other vehicle on the road and offer a driving experience like none other, even in the toughest of terrains and the most difficult of excursions. If you are planning to hit an off-road adventure, Toyota Hilux Revo 2023 is the best choice you should go for. Toyota Hilux Revo Price 2023 in Pakistan depends upon its fabrication and specifications.

This mighty giant hits the market at a nominal price compared to the extravagance, untamed force, and charm it offers to its users. You can get three different variants in this car, and even the top-of-line variant is affordable for adventure lovers. It is the perfect dream car one can get to have an excellent off-road adventure and a powerful in-city drive. The new model comes with several enhancements in the exterior and interior and even under the hood.

Toyota Hilux Revo Power Drive


Source: Toyota

This four-wheel-drive powerful car offers a luxurious drive even in the toughest of terrains. You cannot go wrong with this car on your adventure trip. The vehicle has a pickup speed of more than 62 miles per hour from its halt position within 10 seconds; this corresponds to enormous power. The 4/0L 1GRE-FE V6 Fuel Injected Petrol with a single VVT-1 engine offers a six-speed gearbox with more than 201 hp at an average of 3200 rpm for the diesel engine variant. The maximum torque provided by all the variants is 420 Nm at a top speed of 3400 rpm.

What’s New

hilux revo

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The new Revo model features a much more powerful drive because of the limited-slip differential feature, ensuring that both wheels receive equal power. With this additional feature, the legendary tough car’s reliability, ruggedness, and performance have increased much more.
The enhanced drive modes, cruise control, and hydraulic power steering with variable flow control offer a smooth driving experience even in the hardest of terrains and excursions. The power steering has a minimum turning radius of 6.7 meters which is mind-blowing for such a huge beast.

Toyota Hilux Revo Exterior


Source: PakWheels

The new model has yet again surpassed the masculinity, robustness, and overpowering personality its predecessor had to offer without compromising on its known qualities like performance, responsiveness, and off-road strength. The sturdiness is evident from its glaring headlights and alluring cuts. The large headlights with the chrome-finished trapezium strips bestow the car with grace and vigor.

The fog lamps have been improved and are now more prominent and offer increased visibility. They have been placed on the left and right sides of the front bumper just below the headlights. A new follow-me-home headlamps have also been introduced to increase invisibility further. The rear beauty is further increased with the rear DR lamps, tailgate stop lamp, and the back bumper step design. The door with some beautiful curves and cuts enhances the car’s personality; the door handles are chrome finished offering a luxurious touch to the car’s exterior. The side steps make sitting in the high vehicle easier while offering additional beauty and class to the vehicle.

Toyota Hilux Revo Interior

interior of revo

Source: Toyota

The interior of this powerful car is another stunner with no compromise on luxuriousness and comfort. The cabin has been specifically designed to provide a quiet environment where one can communicate in all sorts of environments without getting distorted and disturbed. The seats are a quintessence of comfort and luxury with several lean-back options. Rear armrest, cup holders, shopping bag hooks, coat hook, sunglasses holder, eco lamp, powerful air conditioning system, a cool box, etc., are only some of the features that are included to add convenience, sophistication, and ease to your trip.

The dashboard and side detailing are impressive yet straightforward with exquisite quality finishing details. The dashboard is equipped with a power steering that will offer a buttery drive. It can help you maneuver the beast with your fingertips. Vibrant LED touch display and several other controlling buttons provide superior control over the features just a touch away.

Toyota Hilux Revo Price 2023 in Pakistan:

Toyota Hilux Revo Price 2023 in Pakistan of such beauty is expected to be extremely high. Surprisingly, the price tag of this legendary high performance and now the luxurious car is quite reasonable. These fantastic features come at varying prices depending on the variant. The cost varies from around Rs. 6,800,000 for its simplest variant. The Revo G M/T to Rs. 7,900,000 to the top-of-the-line variant, the Toyota Hilux Revo V A/T.

Final words

The new Toyota Hilux Revo 2023 model will hit the roads with much more grace, strength, robustness, and power. It is the best car you can choose to go for an off-road adventure. It is designed to perfection to handle all sorts of terrain with maximum power, comfort, and responsiveness. So get your Toyota Revo now and conquer the roads!

Pictures Source: Toyota Uk Media Site