Revo Trunk – Diggy Seats 

Revo Trunk – Diggy Seats 

Upgrade Your Pickup with Revo Trunk/Diggy Seats

Transform your pick-up into a comfortable and practical ride with our versatile Trunk and Back Seats. Engineered with high-quality materials and keen attention to comfort, these seats are an ideal addition to your vehicle. Not only are they practical, but they also enhance the overall aesthetic of your pickup.

Revo Seat
Revo Seat
Revo Seat
Revo Seat
diggy seats
revo seats diggy
revo diggy seats
diggy seats
Revo Seat Revo Seat Revo Seat diggy seats revo seats diggy revo diggy seats diggy seats

Discover Our Range

Classic Trunk/Diggy Seats

Ideal for a minimalistic setup, these singular trunk seats can be installed as per your requirement, offering flexibility and comfort. These come with an automatic locking system, that locks the seat in place right when you fold the seat upwards.

Back-to-Back Attached Trunk/Diggy Seats

Our innovative design allows for two seats attached back-to-back. This optimizes space, making your pick-up more accommodating and efficient. This design is an updated version of the previous seat design, and its main aim is to give your guards a full 360-degree unobstructed view.

Key Features of both designs

  1. Easy Installation: Our trunk seats are effortlessly attachable and detachable with just three nut bolts. No professional help is required.
  2. Durable Structure: Constructed with a sturdy metal base, these seats are designed to last, with a 2-year warranty.
  3. Comfort Assured: The seats feature 5 inches of top-quality foam, ensuring a comfortable journey, every time.
  4. Quality Material: Covered with scratch-resistant, high-quality leatherette, our seats remain new-looking for longer.
  5. Rust-Free: The powder-coated metal structure is both scratch-resistant and rust-free.
  6. Nationwide Delivery: No matter where you are in Pakistan, we can deliver your Revo Trunk Seats right to your doorstep.

These seats are not only compatible with Revo but can be installed in any pickup, making them the best and most versatile trunk seats in Pakistan.

Ready to transform your ride? Get in touch with us today through DM, WhatsApp, or email, and let’s upgrade your pickup experience.