Escort Canopy (QRF)

Escort Canopy (QRF)

Marks – Double Cab Canopy for Escort (Strike Force)

As evident from its name, it is specifically designed for armed personnel, giving them a viewing angle of all directions. It has soft covers on both sides that can be pulled downwards in extreme weather and rolled upwards in normal conditions. It has a sliding roof so that a gunman can pop out whenever required. Seating is installed keeping into consideration the ease of movement for armed personnel. It is also known as QRF Canopy.


How Escort double cap canopy is made? 

As seen in its name, it is specially designed for armed personnel, giving them a viewing angle of all directions. It has a soft cover on both sides that can be pulled down when the weather is extreme and folded up under normal conditions. It has a smooth roof so that the shooter can get out whenever needed. Accommodation is provided with regard to the ease of movement of armed personnel. Also known as the QRF Canopy.

Intense care needed

The escort canopy needs a lot of care and protection so it has to be provided with the best body covers.

The Body Cover is designed with all weather conditions to protect your car from harsh external conditions.

  • Premium 90% UV protection and fabric help retain car paint and protect it from dust and dirt.
  • The imported fabric naturally resists moisture, fungi and repels old odours and adheres to the body profile perfectly.
  • It is very soft and light weight and can be easily handled without the influence of weather conditions. Body covers are used to protect the CAR from adverse weather conditions, blurring of sunlight, scratches etc.

Body covers are designed for daily indoor use, long-term storage and outdoor use. Some of its common features are:

  • All covers are waterproof.
  • It can be used for both internal and external coverage of CARS.


Body coverings for Toyota marks double cabin are very important in the overall protection of CARS. Some of its important functions are:

  • Protecting the car from the weather, abrasions, abrasions and sun damage. Protect from sun damage paint and skin.
  • Protect internal engine parts from corrosion and wear.
  • Protect the car from flying debris without scratching the surface.
  • With Mirror Packaging
  • Waterproof Material: Polyester UV Ray Protection

The military Hilux Canopy is a stylish, secure and affordable hardtop that fits easily with the design of All Pickup car models. With sliding windows with wide lockable angles, sliding or fixed bulkhead windows, the QRF Pakistan is a perfect accessory for all vehicles.

The same popular escort in Peshawar has a canopy of a smooth side window and changes the look, safety and flexibility of your Vehicle. Active and functional, the S1 Common is the best development for your take – in both work and leisure.