Escort Canopy (QRF)

Escort Canopy (QRF)

Marks: Optimal Defence with the Escort Double Cabin Canopy (Strike Force)

Designed with the demands of armed personnel in mind, the Marks Escort Double Cab Canopy (Strike Force) is a robust solution for comprehensive protection and maximum operational functionality. This design, also known as the QRF Canopy, accommodates a full field of view, essential for maintaining situational awareness in high-stress environments.


Key Features

  • Drill-free and Easy Installation: Clamp-based ‘drill-free’ installation
  • 2-Years Warranty: All our canopies come with a 2-year warranty
  • Weatherproof covers: Keeping your canopy safe from all types of weather with our roll-able covers.
  • Seating for gunmen: Strategically placed seats for gunmen to get a full view and effectively move in and out of the vehicle.
  • Lockable Sliding Rooftop: Facilitates patrol positions for gunmen.
  • Imported fiberglass: Highly durable and long-lasting material used.

Flexible Cover System

The canopy is fitted with adaptable soft covers on either side, which can be easily pulled down during harsh weather conditions or rolled up during normal weather. This adaptable feature ensures continuous operation, regardless of environmental circumstances.

Gunman Access and Seating

The thoughtful design also includes a sliding roof, allowing a gunman to emerge swiftly when required. The seating layout inside the canopy is specifically devised to facilitate the ease of movement for armed personnel, enabling them to react promptly and effectively to fast-changing situations.

Body Cover Excellence

The Escort Double Cab Canopy is equipped with top-tier body covers that offer unparalleled protection to the vehicle. Designed to withstand diverse weather conditions, these premium covers ensure 90% UV protection and help retain the car paint, while also safeguarding against dust and dirt. The imported fabric naturally resists moisture and fungi, dispelling stale odors, and snugly adheres to the vehicle’s profile.

Moreover, these lightweight and soft body covers are easily manageable, irrespective of the weather conditions. They offer daily indoor protection, are ideal for long-term storage, and can be used outdoors as well. Key features of the body covers include waterproof properties and UV ray protection, and they are suitable for both internal and external coverage of vehicles.

Escort Canopy: A Military-grade Upgrade

The Escort Canopy offers a secure, stylish, and cost-effective upgrade that seamlessly integrates with all pickup car models. Featuring lockable, wide-angle sliding windows, and the option for sliding or fixed bulkhead windows, this canopy is the ideal accessory for enhancing the performance and look of your vehicle. With this functional addition to your pickup, you’ll have an edge in both work and leisure activities.

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