Leading Toyota Hilux Single Cabin Canopy in Pakistan

We design the most robust and innovative canopy design for Toyota Hilux Single Cabin and other single cabin. We offer a large variety of single cabin Hilux canopy that have been modified to meet different customer demands. Single cabin Hilux is the most sought model for canopies. Our canopies are designed with imported fiberglass for durability and longevity and are fully equipped to serve different purposes like ambulances, escort vehicles, transportation, travelling, etc.

View our stunning and advanced single cabin Hilux and other model canopies and contact us to design the perfect canopy for your needs.

Single Cabin Canopy

Toyota Hilux Revo, ISUZU D-MAX

Toyota Hilux Revo Single cabin is our flagship model along with Isuzu D-Max, which has an imported fiberglass canopy designed to perfection. The canopy is fully equipped to increase functionality for luggage storage and even for passenger transport. It comes in the flat roof as well as the high roof model.

This is our latest canopy for Vigo Champ and undoubtedly our flagship model. Its height is at the same level as that of vehicle’s original roof, hence called flat roof. It is equipped with High Quality LED brake lights on both rear pillars. The canopy adds an element of style to the already aggressive Vigo. It can ideally be used for stowage of luggage. Two detachable foam seats are also provided on demand, which can be used as need arises.

Revo Single Cabin Grand Canopy

Toyota single cabin is one robust car, perfect for excursions, and our grand Canopy makes the single cabin look even more grand and stylish. Designed to excellence to meet style and functionality, this single cabin Hilux canopy is all that you need for your needs.

QRF- Security Canopy for Hilux Revo & ISUZU

Our QRF has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of armed personnel and security companies. The car’s functionality has been modified to meet the demands of staying alert, a 360-degree view, and a sliding roof.

Police Escort Canopy

Our escort canopy has been innovatively designed to cater to the needs of a police escort canopy. Functionality is our priority without compromising quality, style, and comfort in such cases.

Side Door Canopy on Deckless Pick-up

Perfect for mobile labs, testing centers, or mobile banks, our side door canopy is designed for functionality. We have used the deckless pickup for larger space and greater freedom of design and innovation.

Single Cabin Elegent Canopy for REVO Pick-U

Elegance, quality, and functionality are what we focus on at Marks. We use the best material and the most innovative and creative design to create a masterpiece that will be perfect for your needs. Our Toyota Hilux back cabin elegant canopy is our favorite design.

Heightened Canopy for ISUZU D-Max and Toyota Hilux Revo

Our heightened canopies for Toyota Hilux Revo and ISUZU D-Max are our flagship models and perfect for comfortable passenger seating and transport. The canopy is equipped with comfortable seats, lights, windows, a multimedia system, and a dual air-conditioning system if required.