Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)

Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)

Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)

Marks Ambulance brings to you its premium Hiace Standard Roof Ambulance – a perfect blend of practicality, reliability, and premium craftsmanship. Our profound research and attention to detail enable us to offer an exceptional standard in ambulance fabrication.

toyota hiace standard roof ambulance
Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)
Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)
Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)
Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)
Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)
Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof) Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof) Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof) Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof) Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)

Key Features of Our Toyota Ambulance Hiace (Standard Roof) Ambulance Conversion

  • Stretcher: Imported auto-loader stretcher capable of bearing a 240kg load.
  • Medical Equipment: Japanese oxygen therapy flow meters and pressure regulators etc.
  • Storage: Fiberglass cabinets and shelves fabricated with CNC mould-making unit for optimum storage solutions.
  • Comfort: Air conditioning system to ensure a controlled temperature environment.
  • Utility Panels: Stylish utility panels designed for efficiency and ease of use.

Toyota Ambulance Hiace (Standard Roof) – Marks

Marks never fails to impress its clients and customers with its unique, stylish, and functional designs and exceptional quality manufacturing. It is one of the enormous manufacturers of ambulance fabrication in Pakistan. It won’t be wrong to say that Marks is Pakistan’s No.1 ambulance manufacturer. It manufactures a huge variety of standard and customized ambulances. Marks’ conversion of luxurious, powerful, and functional vehicles into unique customization is spellbinding.

About Toyota Hiace Standard Roof

Toyota Hiace, a globally renowned vehicle from the trusted brand Toyota, boasts a strong build, superior fuel efficiency, spacious interiors, and a reliable engine. This sturdy and functional van is ideal for ambulance conversion. The standard roof version, while not as tall as the Hi-roof variant, provides ample space for necessary medical equipment and personnel.

Why Choose Marks for Toyota Ambulance Hiace (Standard Roof) Ambulance Conversion?

Marks is Pakistan’s leading ambulance manufacturer. Our hallmark lies in converting robust, high-performing vehicles into functional and effective ambulances. We provide standard Hiace ambulances outfitted with all necessary equipment, and we also offer customization options to cater to our client’s unique needs.

Marks Advantage

  • Proven expertise in ambulance fabrication
  • Use of the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Detailed research to ensure a high-functioning ambulance design
  • Exceptional customization options for unique client needs

Customization to Suit Your Needs

We prioritize customer satisfaction at Marks. We believe that each ambulance service may have specific needs, and therefore we offer extensive customization options for your ambulance conversion. From medical equipment installations to interior layout modifications, our team is ready to help you create an ambulance that suits your unique requirements.

Toyota Hiace Ambulance Exterior & Interior

The Hiace’s robust body, sleek shape, and stylish front grill blend functionality with style. It also features smooth sliding doors and back windows for easy access. Safety features include a high-mounted stop light and windshield wipers for both the front and rear. The body can be painted in vibrant colours and labelled according to customer requirements.

Inside, the Hiace Standard Roof Ambulance boasts non-slip, antibacterial, and washable PVC flooring. For patient comfort, the interior is soundproof and thermally insulated. It is equipped with a stretcher, pressure regulators, a Japanese oxygen therapy flow meter, storage cabinets, a countertop, and a squad bench. For proper illumination, spot and fluorescent lamps are added.


The cost of the Toyota Hiace Standard Roof Ambulance conversion is based on various factors including the model of Hiace and the specific system and equipment installed in the ambulance. Please contact us for more detailed information about the pricing.


Our Toyota Hiace Standard Roof Ambulance is one of our top sellers and is a testament to our commitment to quality and versatility. Trust Marks to deliver nothing but the best when it comes to ambulance conversions.

Marks is the largest ambulance manufacturer in Pakistan and the most trusted one, and our products help us maintain and increase our client’s trust and satisfaction.