Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)

Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)

Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)

Marks Ambulance fabrication of Hiace Van (Std. Roof) is one of our premium and most equipped Ambulance products. Its interior fabrication is designed with a lot of research which includes an imported Auto-loader stretcher that can bear a 240kg load, Japanese oxygen therapy flow meters and pressure regulators, fiberglass cabinets and shelves made with a CNC mould making unit, our stylish utility panels and an air conditioning system. We fabricate all versions of the Hiace Van (Std. Roof) including :

  1. Advanced/Basic/standard life support Ambulance
  2. Cardiac ambulance
  3. Rescue ambulance
toyota hiace standard roof ambulance
Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)
Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)
Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)
Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)
Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)
Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof) Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof) Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof) Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof) Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Std. Roof)

Toyota Ambulance Hiace (Standard Roof) – Marks

Marks never fails to impress its clients and customers with its unique, stylish, and functional designs and exceptional quality manufacturing. It is one of the enormous manufacturers of ambulance fabrication in Pakistan. It won’t be wrong to say that Marks is Pakistan’s No.1 ambulance manufacturer. It manufactures a huge variety of standard and customized ambulances. Marks’ conversion of luxurious, powerful, and functional vehicles into unique customization is spellbinding.

The Hiace ambulance is one such example of Marks ambulance that has been modified with great thought, incorporating the latest technology and functional and unique details. The sturdy and powerful Hiace has been transformed into a fully functional ambulance that can serve as basic life support, advanced life support, rescue, and cardiac ambulance. The vehicle’s interior has been prepared and fabricated after detailed research and equipped with all necessary, standard, and advanced equipment required in an international standard ambulance.

Marks Hiace Ambulance Fabrication in Pakistan

Hiace Ambulance Pakistan is very popular because of its powerful engine, fuel capacity, spacious interior, incredible mileage, and sturdy body. The durability and exceptional functionality of the Hiace ambulance make it a very prevalent choice, followed by the ambulance canopy for rugged areas.

The Hiace van comes with some unique and attractive features on the exterior as well as the interior making it the perfect choice for ambulance conversion in Pakistan. We have standard Hiace ambulances equipped with all necessary equipment, but Marks ensures the client’s satisfaction by customizing the Hiace ambulance as per the client’s requirements. We make sure to choose the best option available to fabricate the perfect vision for our clients.

Toyota Hiace Ambulance Exterior:

Hiace is a celebrated vehicle of the world-famous Toyota, a trusted brand with exceptional quality, style, and versatility. Each and every feature of the Hiace has been manufactured with meticulousness and perfection. The attention to detail is precise and up to the mark. The conversion of Hiace into an ambulance is a fantastic process and adds style, versatility, and increased functionality to the vehicle.

The sleek and unique shape makes the Hiace spacious from the inside and compact from the outside. The Hiace body is robust and has been designed to exhibit a luxurious feel without compromising on quality, durability, and safety. The front has been provided with a strong and stylish grill that also serves as a safety tool in case of an accident or front crash. A high-mounted stop light has been provided for safety reasons and to make sure the stop lights are visible to everyone from a considerable distance.

Ambulances need to be operative and functional in all weather. To make it functional under all conditions, apart from powerful front wipers, the rear windshield has also been provided with high-quality wipers to make driving safe and smooth in rainy and foggy weather conditions.

To add to the functionality of the ambulance, the doors are smooth as butter and will slide wide open only with a slight nudge at the handle. The windows fitted in the back also slide to enhance ease and functionality.

The body can be painted in bright fluorescent colors and labeled according to the customer’s requirement to make it look like an ambulance, even from far away. Blaring and loud multi-tone sirens are also added to make it look like an ambulance.

Toyota Hiace Ambulance Interior:

In the standard roof version of the Hiace ambulance, the roof is not raised, but it is still spacious enough to accommodate all necessary equipment for an ambulance. The seats in the Hiace are removed and replaced with non-slip, antibacterial, and washable PVC flooring. Ambulances need to be made soundproof and thermally insulated for the patient’s comfort and safety. For this, Marks reinforces the interior with a supporting sheet.

Hiace Van (Std. Roof) interior has been equipped with a stretcher, pressure regulators, a Japanese oxygen therapy flow meter, cabinets for storage, a small countertop, and a squad bench. Under-seat storage has also been added for maximum utilization of space. Spot lamps and fluorescent lamps are also added for adequate lighting.

Proper air-conditioning has also been provided for a controlled temperature environment. A control panel for controlling and monitoring communication, temperature, and light has also been provided for efficient and smooth control.


Marks Hiace Van (Std. Roof) is one of our best sellers. Marks is a leading ambulance manufacturer in Pakistan and, without any doubt, the best ambulance manufacturer in Pakistan. This Hiace ambulance is the personification of the quality and exceptional versatility we provide to our clients.

Marks is the largest ambulance manufacturer in Pakistan and the most trusted one, and our products help us maintain and increase our client’s trust and satisfaction.