Hiace Van (Hi-Roof)

Hiace Van (Hi-Roof)

Best Hiace Ambulance Conversion – Marks

Marks Ambulance fabrication of Hiace Hi-roof van is one of our premium and most equipped Ambulance products. Its interior fabrication is designed with a lot of research which includes an imported Auto-loader stretcher which can bear a 240kg load, Japanese oxygen therapy flow meters and pressure regulators, fibreglass cabinets and shelves made with a CNC mould making unit, our stylish utility panels and an air conditioning system. We fabricate all versions of the Haice ambulance including:

  1. Advanced/Basic/standard life support Ambulance
  2. Cardiac ambulance
  3. Rescue ambulance
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Toyota Hiace Hi-Roof Ambulance – Marks

Hiace Hi-roof is another amazing and mind-blowing vehicle offered by the trusted Japanese vehicle manufacturer, Toyota. Toyota never fails to impress its customers, and the Hiace Hi-roof is no exception. The love and popularity the Hiace Hi-roof has received are immense. This is because it is not only a strong performer on the road but is spacious, luxurious, and functional from the inside and out. The sleek design, wide and super long body make it perfect for multiple uses.

Hiace Hi-roof is a multi-purpose and multi-functional vehicle by Toyota that can be used for both commercial and family use. The success of this MPV is undoubted because of its great mileage, powerful engine, fuel capacity, luxurious features, durability, and reliability. The features have surpassed all its competitors and are a hot-favorite choice for everyone, particularly for Marks conversion.

There are two variants of the car with 2.5L and 3.0L engines, and it is also available in two different colors to suit different needs. The special feature of the Hiace hi-roof is the amazing height of the van. The extra height makes it very spacious and functional for different use, including the Hiace ambulance.

Hiace Ambulance Conversion in Pakistan

Hiace Hi-roof is a preferred choice for ambulance conversion in Pakistan. Marks is not only one of the largest ambulance manufacturers in Pakistan but also the best ambulance manufacturer in Pakistan. It has fabricated several kinds of ambulances, including ambulance canopy and Hiace ambulance van, and all its products have been praised and liked by all clients and users. Marks ambulance has steadily grown into a big name for Pakistan ambulance and has become the most sought ambulance by some of the best ambulance services in Pakistan.

Hiace Hi-roof has been one of Mark’s flagship models for fabricating a fully equipped ambulance in Pakistan. Ambulance fabrication in Pakistan has improved since Marks jumped into this field. Ambulance Hiace Hi-roof is the best choice for an ambulance. It has been approached by ambulance service Peshawar, the best ambulance service in Lahore, as well as the best ambulance service in Karachi.

All necessary systems and equipment needed for an international standard ambulance can be included in the Hiace ambulance. The Hiace ambulance capacity is enormous, with room for everything, and can also be designed for advanced life-saving and cardiac ambulances. Cardiac ambulances require special machinery, and the Hiace ambulance Hi-roof is spacious enough to accommodate all necessary machines and equipment.

Hiace Ambulance Specifications

Hiace ambulance specifications include a heavy-duty stretcher, a squad bench, cabinets, countertop, spot lamps, and an easy-to-use control panel. The control panel provides efficient control of lighting, communication, temperature, and other functions.

Hiace Ambulance Exterior

The exterior of the Hiace Hi-roof ambulance has been custom designed to meet Hiace ambulance specifications. Besides the sleek design and robust body that Toyota has designed, Marks has customized it to look like an ambulance.

Marks conversion of the Hiace Hi-roof into an ambulance does not affect the luxurious look of the vehicle. In fact, it adds to the aesthetics and style of the van and makes it look even more impressive. The safety of the vehicle is not compromised, and the high-mounted rear brake light ensures that the vehicle is visible from far away. The vibrant and fluorescent paint done by Mark’s also ensures increased visibility even in the dark. A multi-tone siren is also added to alert people around in case of an emergency.

Hiace Ambulance Interior

Marks is one of the biggest ambulance manufacturers in Pakistan and also ranks high among the largest ambulance suppliers. Hiace ambulance Pakistan is an amazing ambulance that is not only robust, powerful, and functional but stylish and aesthetically pleasing. The Toyota Hiace ambulance interior has been designed with perfection and lots of study and research to include all necessary systems and equipment needed in a functional ambulance.

The Hiace Hi-roof is very spacious with a seating capacity of 14 people. For fabricating an ambulance, the seats are removed, leaving a huge space to accommodate all ambulance necessities. Pakistan’s No.1 ambulance manufacturer, Marks, ensures to design and fabricate the ambulance perfectly by thermally insulating it, making it soundproof, and adding all crucial equipment necessary for prehospital care.

Price of Hiace Hi-roof Ambulance

The Toyota Hiace ambulance price in Pakistan is variable. The price depends on various features, including the model of Hiace and the system and equipment installed in the ambulance. The Hi-roof variation of the Hiace is a bit more costly than the standard roof, and the cost of the ambulance fabrication is also slightly higher, but the product received is absolutely worth the price. its fabrication price is approximately 1 Million PKR.


Toyota Hiace Hi-roof ambulance is one of the best ambulances in Pakistan, with amazing features inside and out. The durable exterior, spacious and functional interior with powerful performance is the most amazing combination one can get in an ambulance. It is one of the most looked-at models by some of the best ambulance services in Peshawar and throughout the country.