Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Hi-Roof)

Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Hi-Roof)

Best Hiace Ambulance Conversion – Marks

At Marks, we redefine ambulance conversion standards by transforming the Toyota Hiace Hi-roof van into a premium, well-equipped ambulance, designed for life-saving tasks on the move.

Toyota Hiace Van Ambulance (Hi-Roof)
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Key Features of our Hiace Ambulance Conversion in Pakistan

  • Equipped with an imported auto-loader stretcher with a 240kg load capacity.
  • Installed with Japanese oxygen therapy flow meters and pressure regulators.Features fibreglass cabinets and shelves, designed with CNC mould-making technology.
  • Accommodates advanced, basic, and standard life support systems and cardiac and rescue ambulance specifications.
  • Custom-designed exterior with high-mounted rear brake light, multi-tone siren for safety, and enhanced visibility.
  • Spacious interior, equipped for life-saving procedures and machinery.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: At Marks, we understand that every ambulance service has unique requirements. This is why we offer extensive customization options to ensure that your ambulance perfectly fits your needs. From advanced medical equipment installations to interior layout adjustments, we tailor our conversion to match your specifications. Contact us to discuss your requirements and let us help you get an ambulance that truly serves your purpose.

About Toyota Hiace Hi-Roof

Toyota Hiace Hi-roof boasts powerful performance, a functional interior, and a robust exterior, making it a preferred choice for ambulance conversion. With 2.5L and 3.0L engine variants, it’s a versatile vehicle that’s ready for modification.

Hiace Ambulance Conversion in Pakistan

Hiace Hi-roof is a preferred choice for ambulance conversion in Pakistan. Marks is not only one of the largest ambulance manufacturers in Pakistan but also the best ambulance manufacturer in Pakistan. It has fabricated several kinds of ambulances, including ambulance canopies and Hiace ambulance van, and all its products have been praised and liked by all clients and users. Marks Ambulance has steadily grown into a big name for Pakistan ambulance and has become the most sought ambulance by some of the Best Ambulance Services in Pakistan.

Why Choose Marks for Ambulance Conversion?

Marks is one of the largest and most reputable ambulance manufacturers in Pakistan. Our expertise in ambulance conversion has enhanced ambulance standards nationwide.


The Hiace Hi-roof Ambulance Conversion price is variable depending on the specific model and installed equipment. Even with a slightly higher cost for the Hi-roof version, the superior product quality justifies the investment, with fabrication costs starting from approximately 1 million PKR.


The Toyota Hiace Hi-roof Ambulance, trusted by top ambulance services in Pakistan, combines robust features, aesthetic design, and exceptional functionality. Choose Marks for your ambulance conversion needs and experience unparalleled quality and service.