Hilux Ambulance (Double Door Deckless)

Hilux ambulance (Double Door Deckless)

Best Hilux Ambulance Double Cabin – Marks

A Double cabin Hilux pick-up can be equipped with our stylish and unmatchable ambulance fabrication. The rear cargo deck is fitted with  Marks fiberglass Double Cabin Deckless with Side Door canopy and the  interior fabrication includes a whole digital unit of controls, imported Auto-loader stretcher which can bear 240kg load, Japanese oxygen therapy flow meters and pressure regulators, fiberglass cabinets and shelves made with CNC mould making unit, our stylish utility panels and an air conditioning system.

We fabricate all versions of hilux pick-up ambulance including:

1. Advanced/Basic/standard life support Ambulance
2. Cardiac ambulance
3. Rescue ambulance

double door deckless ambulance
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Leading Hilux Ambulance Double Cabin – Marks

The Hilux ambulance is a specialized vehicle for emergency medical care and transportation. The Hilux ambulance has several features that make it ideal for emergency situations, including a spacious interior, a high ground clearance, and a four-wheel drive.

The Hilux ambulance has various medical equipment, including a defibrillator, oxygen tanks, and a stretcher. It also has some storage compartments for supplies and equipment.

The Hilux ambulance is typically used in rural areas with limited access to medical care. It can also be used in urban areas during a natural disaster or other emergencies.

Hilux Ambulance (Double Door Deckless) Conversion:

The Toyota Hilux is a popular choice for ambulance conversions due to its reputation for reliability and off-road capability. The Double Door Deckless model is well suited for use as an ambulance, as it offers ample space for medical equipment and supplies. When converting a Hilux into an ambulance, it is important to ensure that the vehicle meets all relevant safety standards.

Hilux Exterior

Hilux ambulance is a vehicle that has been designed to provide emergency medical care. It is equipped with a range of features that make it ideal for transporting patients to the hospital. The exterior of the vehicle is white, with a red cross emblazoned on the side. The doors are double-glazed, and a deckless rear platform can be used to transport patients on stretchers. Its design makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

The vehicle also has a range of other features that make it suitable for use in an emergency, such as a siren and flashing lights. Hilux ambulance is a reliable and versatile vehicle that can be used in a variety of situations.

Hilux Interior

The Hilux ambulance has a simple but efficient design. It is double door and deckless, with a metal frame and a white exterior. The interior is well-lit and spacious, with plenty of room for patients and equipment. There are two benches that fold down from the walls, and a gurney can be stored in the ceiling.

Toyota Hilux Ambulance (Double Cabin) Price:

The Hilux ambulance is available in various configurations, and its price depends on the specific model and features chosen. Including its modifications, it is roughly going to cost around PKR 1.8 Million However, all models are competitively priced and offer excellent value for money. As such, the Hilux ambulance is an ideal choice for those who need a reliable and affordable vehicle for their medical needs.


That’s it! Now, you have seen the power-packed features of the Hilux ambulance (Double Door Deckless). This vehicle is truly a lifesaver in time of emergency and is equipped with all the necessary medical equipment. If you are looking for an affordable and reliable ambulance, then the Hilux ambulance should be your first choice.