Sports Canopy (M7) – Smart Top Revo Canopy 2023

Sports Canopy (M7) – Smart Top Revo Canopy 2023

As the name suggests, Black Sports Canopy (M7) – Smart Top Revo Canopy is a trendy supplement to the already stylish REVO/ISUZU D-MAX / VIGO. Its compact and sleek design is an eye-catcher. The canopy is not ideally recommended for passengers sitting in the back, as it comes with fixed glasses and has a lower height than other models. Nevertheless, its utility cannot be undermined.

Black Sports Canopy (M7) – Smart Top Revo Canopy Equipped with:
• Multimedia speakers
• Folding parallel seats
• Dual AC unit (Optional)
Features of Our Canopies
• Our products have a warranty of 2 Years.
• All internal parts are imported from Thailand / Europe.
• Installation can be done with Clamps “Drill Free” or Nut Bolts, as per the customer’s choice.
• Japanese 2K Baked Paint and Installation are included in the price.
Sport Canopy
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Best Hilux Sports Canopy in Pakistan – Marks

Marks never disappoints its customers and brings unique and innovative designs that will surely leave the customers spellbound. Marks canopy is an embodiment of perfection, style, versatility, and functionality. The double cabin canopy designed as an M7 sports canopy is one such unique product of Mark’s.

Exterior of Hilux Revo Canopy

Toyota Hilux Revo double cabin canopy has been modified to function as a sports canopy. The Marks canopy added to Mark’s cabin enhances the style and vigor of the Revo Hilux. The Toyota Mark’s double cabin is already a powerful car, and the addition of the sports canopy adds to the beauty of the vehicle and makes it look even more impressive and powerful.
The Hilux sports canopy is a bit lower in height than the flat roof canopies because it has been specifically designed to cater to sports and adventure requirements. The windows provided in the canopy are also fixed, allowing light to enter the canopy and brighten the interior. Brake lights have been added to the rear pillars for enhanced look and functionality.

Interior of Hilux Revo Canopy

The Revo canopy is mainly designed to meet sports requirements. The Vigo back cabin canopy provides a safe and secure space to store luggage and sports equipment. It is not ideally recommended for passenger seating, but it can be accommodated as per the customer’s requirements. The versatility of this double cabin canopy is very diverse, and its functionality can be modified as per the customer’s demands.


The Black Sports Canopy (M7) – Smart Top Revo Canopy is a masterpiece and is perfect for adventure and sports lovers. This Hilux Revo sports canopy provides you with everything you need to go for adventure sports. It will be your ideal companion, and the strength, style, and functionality you can get with this Marks canopy are unmatchable.