M3 Flat Roof Canopy on Hilux Revo

M3 Flat Roof Canopy on Hilux Revo

Best Toyota Revo Flat Roof Canopy in Pakistan

This is our latest M3 Flat Roof Canopy on Hilux Revo for REVO & VIGO and undoubtedly our flagship model. Its height is at the same level as that of the vehicle’s original roof, hence called a flat roof. It is equipped with High-Quality LED brake lights / without brake Lights on both rear pillars. The flat roof canopy adds an element of style to the already aggressive Vigo. It can ideally be used for the storage of luggage. Two detachable foam seats are also provided on demand, which can be used as the need arises.

Equipped with:
• High Quality LED brake lights
• Multimedia speakers
• Folding parallel seats
• Sliding glass windows
• Dual AC unit (Optional)
Detailed Features of Our Canopies:
• Our products have a warranty of 2 Years.
• All internal parts are imported from Thailand / Europe including brake lamps.
• Installation can be done with Clamps “Drill Free” or Nut Bolts, as per the customer’s choice.
• Japanese 2K Baked Paint and Installation are included in the price.
M3 Hilux Silver Color
m3 canopy - revo canopy
M3 Hilux Silver Color
M3 Hilux Silver Color
M3 Hilux Silver Color
M3 Hilux Interior Seating
m3 canopy - revo canopy M3 Hilux Silver Color M3 Hilux Silver Color M3 Hilux Silver Color M3 Hilux Interior Seating

Best Toyota Revo Canopy in Pakistan

Marks has always been one step ahead of its competitors, and with a classic car like M3 Toyota Revo flat canopy, there are no chances any other company can out beat us.

Flat Canopy:

As the name suggests, the design of this canopy is flat; that is, it is at the same level as the cab. The flat roof canopy helps the vehicle to maintain its style and size. The flat canopy is an addition that will not alter the overall looks of the vehicle; in fact, it can add beauty and vigour to the vehicle.

Our flagship models for the flat canopy are ISUZU D-Max and Toyota Revo. Toyota Revo canopy in Pakistan has become quite common with our amazing canopies. They are robust cars and perfect for going on excursions, adventurous trips, and rough terrain areas. They usually have an open trunk at the back, which can, in most cases, just be a useless space. To utilize this extra space and make the car even more functional, we have introduced the flat canopy model, which will not only add a safe space for storage of luggage in Revo carryboy but also provide extra seating if required.

Fiberglass Pickup Canopy

The double cabin Revo canopy has been manufactured with the best imported fiberglass that provides extra strength without compromising on style. The fiberglass has been carefully crafted into a masterpiece in the form of a flat canopy. It is highly customizable and can even have a cantilever rack on top for further increase in the storage space.

Toyota Hilux Revo Double Cabin Canopy

Marks focuses on quality, whether it concerns the exterior or interior of the canopy. The Toyota Hilux Revo double cabin canopy has been provided with large windows on all sides to allow light to enter the space. The two side windows can be opened to let air inside; this is an excellent option for those who feel claustrophobic. With ample light and air in the cabin, the comfort level of the cabin has no match.

M3 Cabin

The M3 cabin has been designed to meet different needs and can be altered and customized as per your needs. The cabin is not just dedicated to a single purpose; you can use it as you want. Whether you are going on camping, spending a night out, or for some serious business, the flat canopy will accommodate all your needs The cabin has an optional dual AC option which can be installed if needed. Furthermore, for the purposes of entertainment, a multimedia system can also be installed to make trips even more enjoyable.

The flat canopy allows for lots of extra storage space to be safe from the environment and from getting stolen. The Toyota Hilux Revo double cabin canopy has secure locks to keep your goods safe and sound even when you are not around. For further increase in functionality, there is an option for two extra seats as well. They can be added to the cabin for additional passenger seating if needed.

Why Choose Marks for Flat Roof Canopy?

Marks resonates with quality, functionality, and style. You can never go wrong with Mark’s canopy. If you are looking to integrate practicality, style, comfort, entertainment, and strength together in a canopy, then Mark’s is the only option you should go for. The dedication to the design, structure, material, and interior helps create a masterpiece that can be used for ages without any deterioration. We are the best Revo Hilux pickup hood suppliers and from Marks, you can get your hands on the best imported pickup canopy. The price of Toyota Revo canopy is also affordable.

Once you get a Marks flat canopy designed, the chances to customize it are endless. With Mark’s canopy, you do not have to go stagnant on style and functionality. You can modify it as per your needs and enjoy the cabin in whatever you like; the fiberglass pickup canopy is very versatile and can be customized as per your liking. The extra durable canopy makes it last a lifetime without any leaks or breakage. So get your Mark’s flat canopy now and enjoy endless options with canopy customization.