Hilux Revo Back Hood

Hilux Revo Back Hood

Best Hilux Revo / Rocoo Back Hoods Manufacturers in Pakistan

Marks is one of the Leading Hilux Revo back hood manufacturers and suppliers in Pakistan. We are a reliable and reputable name due to our high-quality hoods, great installation, and exceptional services to our customers. We offer different varieties of Revo back hoods like Flat Roofs, High Roofs and Sports Canopy so that you can opt for the one that specifically suits your needs.

M3 Hilux Silver Color
M3 Hilux Silver Color
M3 Hilux Silver Color
M3 Hilux Silver Color
M3 Hilux Interior Seating
M3 Hilux Silver Color M3 Hilux Silver Color M3 Hilux Silver Color M3 Hilux Interior Seating

Leading Hilux Revo / Rocco Back Hood Manufacturers in Pakistan

The Revo Back Hood is a strikingly impressive way to keep your belongings safe and secure in the back of your double cabin vehicles. However, besides enhanced safety, a Revo back cabin also offers many more benefits to your car and yourself.

These days, most Revo owners like to have a canopy or hood installed atop their beds. Some of the most common causes behind the popularity of Revo hoods in Pakistan include the aesthetics it adds to your vehicle, their functionality, increased cargo and passenger space, and safety in the back of the car. It also ensures that you have privacy, weatherproofing, and waterproofing, which is not possible without the hood.

Adding a hood or canopy to your Revo/Rocco can work wonders for you and make your ride more convenient and safe.

Marks Hilux Revo Back Hoods

Marks Revo back hoods are made with automotive-grade and approved fiberglass material. It is a highly durable and rigid material that has high impact resistance. As a result, your vehicle is able to endure harsh conditions without any damage. Our Revo hoods or canopies also offer great load stability, heat resistance, and waterproofing features.

In addition, the aerodynamic construction of our canopies helps save your fuel while driving. In a nutshell, these hardtop covers by Marks will not only make your vehicle extraordinary but will also provide remarkable protection.

Hilux Revo Hood Models at Marks

At Marks, we offer different collections and varieties of Revo hoods so that you can opt for the one that specifically suits your needs. We understand that some Revo owners want their trunks to keep cargo, while others want the back area for passengers. That’s why we offer multiple hilux back cover models with distinctive features.

M3 Flat Roof Hood

This is our signature Revo hood model that is designed with careful attention to detail. The roof of this canopy is of the same length as the front cabin. It enhances the functionality of the car by providing a safe space for luggage and people, and that too in style.

M4 High Roof Hood

As the name suggests, this collection of Marks Revo back covers includes higher roofs than the front cabin. It is especially ideal for people who want to increase their seating space in a comfortable manner.

Sports Canopy

This Revo back cabin is specially designed to enhance the true spirit of double cabin cars – adventure. The sports canopy is designed to enhance the style and outlook of the car while also increasing its functionality.

  • We ensure that the Toyota Revo hoods are made of the most durable and robust material to make our hoods reliable and trustworthy. We only choose the best for our Revo hoods, i.e., we import the best fiberglass to design and fabricate our hoods. They are not only robust and reliable but also great for styling and adding class to the pickup.

  • The cost of a Revo hood depends on the level of functionality it is equipped with. The type of design and features affects the cost directly. The price can vary from several thousand to a few lacs depending on the features. One thing is for sure, the features and quality Marks give you are truly worth the price.

  • Although there are many hood manufacturers in Pakistan, we assure you Marks is the best in terms of quality, worth, and cost of the hood. We have the most advanced, modern, fully equipped customized hoods for Revo and other pickups at affordable prices. You can place an order with us from anywhere in Pakistan.

  • The hoods designed and fabricated by Marks are the most robust and durable. Our hoods are fabricated with the best-imported fiberglass and hence look elegant and are robust and withstand all types of external factors, including weather, rough usage, or theft threats.

  • Yes, the Rocco Hood Canopy is designed to withstand various weather conditions.