Suzuki Bolan Ambulance

Suzuki Bolan Ambulance

Suzuki Bolan Ambulance in Pakistan

The Suzuki Bolan’s potent engine, powerful demeanor, and perfect design are unrivaled. In Pakistan, it is often used to make ambulances and has been transformed by Marks Razmak into something remarkable. This esteemed company has won over many customers due to its top-notch quality and its services.

bolan ambulance
suzuki bolan ambulance
bolan ambulance
bolan interior
suzuki bolan ambulance bolan ambulance bolan interior

Suzuki Bolan Ambulance Equipments – Marks

Manual stretcher(imported):
The Suzuki Bolan Ambulance by Marks comes with a manual stretcher, ensuring efficient and safe transportation of patients. The stretcher is imported, adhering to international quality standards for optimum comfort and support during transit.

Oxygen Cylinder with gas cylinder (with gauge, bottle & mask):
Recognizing the importance of oxygen supply in emergencies, this ambulance is equipped with an oxygen cylinder complete with a gauge, bottle, and mask. This essential provision ensures that patients receive oxygen support while transported to medical facilities.

Attendant seat:
An attendant seat is included in the design to accommodate the ambulance staff. This seat ensures the medical team can travel comfortably and safely during emergency responses.

Hooter with Emergency light (Small):
The Suzuki Bolan ambulance is equipped with a hooter and emergency light, enabling the vehicle to alert other road users and pedestrians of its presence during urgent situations. These safety features help create a clear path for the ambulance, ensuring a swift and uninterrupted journey to the hospital.

Medicine Cabinet:
A medicine cabinet is included in the Suzuki Bolan Ambulance to store essential medical supplies. This cabinet is thoughtfully designed to ensure that medications and medical equipment are easily accessible to the attending medical professionals.

Vinyl Flooring with MDF sheet:
For a hygienic and easy-to-maintain interior, the ambulance is fitted with vinyl flooring complemented by an MDF sheet. This durable and non-slip flooring material ensures a clean and safe environment for patients and medical personnel.

Revolving Fan inside:
A revolving fan is installed inside the ambulance, providing a comfortable and ventilated space. This feature helps regulate air circulation, maintaining a cool and fresh environment during the transportation of patients.

First Aid Box:
Understanding the importance of immediate medical attention, the Suzuki Bolan Ambulance includes a first aid box. This comprehensive kit is equipped with essential medical supplies to provide initial care and stabilize patients before they reach the hospital.

Fire Extinguisher imported:
To address potential fire hazards, an imported fire extinguisher is readily available in the Bolan ambulance. This crucial safety equipment ensures that the medical staff can quickly respond to fire emergencies, ensuring the safety of patients and the vehicle’s safety.

Dust Bin paddle operated:
Promoting cleanliness and sanitation, the ambulance is equipped with a paddle-operated dust bin. This convenient feature enables easy waste disposal, contributing to a hygienic environment within the vehicle.

In addition to these features, Marks also offers a wide range of other ambulance equipment that can be customized according to customers’ specific needs. Their expertise in ambulance fabrication allows them to tailor the ambulance to meet the requirements of different medical institutions and emergency service providers.

Suzuki Bolan Ambulance Interior

Step inside the Suzuki Bolan Ambulance, and you will find a carefully crafted interior space that prioritizes patient comfort and safety. The cabin is thoughtfully laid out, providing ample room for medical personnel and essential equipment. The patient area has state-of-the-art medical facilities, including a stretcher, storage compartments for medical supplies, and life-saving equipment to address critical medical needs.

Suzuki Bolan Ambulance Exterior

The exterior of the Suzuki Bolan Ambulance exhibits a professional and commanding presence. Its sleek design and prominent emergency lighting. The Suzuki Bolan ambulance is built with robust materials to withstand the rigors of day-to-day operations, while the high-visibility color scheme enhances safety during transit.

Suzuki Bolan Modification/Suzuki Bolan Conversion to Ambulance

The Suzuki Bolan Ambulance is modified and converted by experts at Marks Razmak Pakistan, adhering to the highest quality and safety standards. The conversion process involves the integration of advanced medical equipment and Fabrication.


The Suzuki Bolan Ambulance by Marks Razmak Pakistan offers a comprehensive solution for emergency medical services, combining reliability, agility, and efficiency in one package.