M4 High Roof Canopy with LED’s

M4 High Roof Canopy with LED’s

Elevate your journey with the Revo Trunk Canopy – More space, more possibilities. As evident from its name, the M4 High Roof Canopy with LED’s is ideally designed to accommodate passengers in the rear deck of a Double Cabin REVO/ISUZU D-MAX / VIGO. Equipped with High Quality LED brake lights, multimedia speakers, folding parallel seats, and sliding glass windows, this canopy is a combination of style and substance. The extra inches added to its roof as compared to flat roof canopy, gives more head room to the rear passengers. A Dual AC unit can also be installed.

Equipped with:
• High Quality LED brake lights
• Multimedia speakers
• Folding parallel seats
• Sliding glass windows
• Dual AC unit (Optional)
Detailed Features of Our Canopies:
• Our products have a warranty of 2 Years.
• All internal parts are imported from Thailand / Europe including brake lamps.
• Installation can be done with Clamps “Drill Free” or Nut Bolts, as per the customer’s choice.
• Japanese 2K Baked Paint and Installation are included in the price.
Silver Mobile
m4 side view
Rear View
Canopy M4 Silver Mobile m4 side view Rear View IMG_7329

Marks M4 High Roof Canopy with LEDs

Marks has brought to you yet another great innovation; the M4 High Roof Canopy, which is something of a piece of art in itself.

High Roof Canopy:

Just as the name suggests, the M4 High Roof Canopy is constructed and equipped in a manner such that it can accommodate passengers in the back end of the vehicle. This can be for several purposes, such as traveling, or just staying in the car, creating a cozy environment in which you can hang out with your friends or family, or even by yourself, and have an amazing night.

Whether you want to add extra space to your double cabin vehicle just for the sake of it, or to be able to carry more passengers with more comfort rather than sitting at the rear of the vehicle without a roof over their heads, the Marks M4 High Roof Canopy might as well be your best pick. With its excellent features that are hard to miss, you can now house several people in the car and go on a long drive, travel easily, or have a simple night full of fun and munching on snacks, watching movies in the back or blasting music at the full volume.

M4 Cabin:

The Marks M4 High Roof Canopy is typically designed to fit at the back of larger vehicles or double cabin SUVs like a Revo, ISUZU D- MAX or a Vigo. This M4 cabin comes with high quality LED brake lights, so installing the canopy does not compromise on the general safety of the driver or the passengers, as well as the law.It is also equipped with multimedia speakers that emit excellent sound quality, creating a more fun experiencing environment for the passengers in the rear of the car. Not to mention the foldable parallel seats that can accommodate up to four people per bench, and the sliding glass windows, which add just the perfect element to the cabin, providing comfort and enjoyment all at the same time.

View Roof:

The best part about the Marks M4 High Roof Canopy, no doubt, is the brilliant building of its roof. Given the usual structure of a double cabin vehicle, there is not often enough room for passengers to adjust themselves comfortably. However, Marks proudly introduces the extra few inches added to the roof, which give more head space and thus more comfort to passengers to move around.

The Marks M4 High Roof Canopy also comes with a view roof, which might just be the most outstanding feature of this cabin. This is ideal for plans such as going on long road trips, and stargazing- you can already feel the excitement of it.

Why Choose Marks Cabin?

Marks cabin is the preferred choice for many. It has proved to be marvelously multifunctional, handy and practical, and has been a huge source of leisure and entertainment. Once installed, you can design it and furnish the cabin however you like. The cabin comes with the option of a dual AC unit that you can choose to put up, and perhaps even throw in a bunch of blankets and sheets to add that extra bit of coziness.

An LCD screen, or perhaps a laptop or tablet holder could be set up, through which you could have a wonderful movie night with just the perfect company. To add that final finishing touch, you could even design the High Roof Canopy with a trail of fairy lights to put up the most suitable lighting that accents the canopy just fine and sets the perfect mood.