Rear Trunk Cover in Pakistan

Rear Trunk Cover in Pakistan

Our Trunk Cover, also known as a sports lid, combines innovation and function while preserving the classic pickup look. Crafted from durable fiberglass, it offers secure luggage space and is fully lockable, providing protection against harsh weather. This cover includes an imported handle lock system, weather-proof features, and imported twin gas shocks for effortless opening and closing. A bonus feature is the sporty side spoiler, adding an aesthetic edge to your vehicle.

Rear Tr
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Key Features

  • Drill-free and Easy Installation: Clamp-based ‘drill-free’ installation
  • 2-Years Warranty: All our canopies come with a 2-year warranty
  • Twin gas shocks: Imported gas shocks for smooth closing and opening
  • Advanced locking system: Stainless steel imported lock to keep your luggage safe and secure
  • Stylish spoiler: This trunk cover includes a stylish side spoiler for better aerodynamics.
  • Long-lasting fiberglass: Highly durable and imported fiberglass used.

Marks Trunk Cover and Canopy

Our trunk cover and canopies are one of the best fabricated in Pakistan. Our trunk covers are designed with the best fiberglass that is designed for durability and longevity. We can design all sorts of canopies and rear trunk covers to serve different needs for best and robust vehicles, including Toyota Hilux pickup and ISUZU DMAX. . The rear trunk cover and the canopies are designed specifically for the required purpose with innovative design, the best material, and topmost security and safety.

Toyota Hilux Back Cabin Cover Collection

Toyota Hilux, known for its robustness and versatility, serves as the ideal vehicle for our canopy and trunk cover collections.

Toyota Revo Back Cover

Our back cover installation for Toyota Revo ensures your cargo is protected from harsh weather while remaining secure. Our durable, imported fiberglass lids are affixed using an aerodynamic rear brake spoiler roll bar and twin gas shocks for easy operation. Coated with high-quality Japanese paint, these covers enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle, while also offering fuel-saving benefits on long journeys.

Vigo Back Cover

Like our Revo covers, we also install sports lids on Vigo rear decks, providing secure storage space for your luggage or cargo. Our commitment to quality remains uncompromised with the inclusion of high-quality Japanese paint and durable fiberglass. These covers offer a blend of style, functionality, and fuel efficiency.

Isuzu D-MAX Trunk Cover

Our stunning trunk covers for ISUZU DMAX not only enhance the vehicle’s style but also add convenience and functionality.

Sports Cover

Designed with sports enthusiasts in mind, our sports cover perfectly blends style and functionality. Fabricated with imported fiberglass and finished with high-quality Japanese paint, these covers provide security and weather protection while offering fuel-saving benefits.

Flat Back Cover

Our flat back covers for ISUZU preserve the pickup’s look while adding functionality. These covers are easily accessible thanks to a high-lift hinge system and provide protection against theft and harsh weather conditions.

Why Choose Marks for Toyota Hilux Back Cover?

Marks is the best Revo trunk covers and rear case manufacturer in Pakistan. Our focus on high-quality imported fiberglass and careful design ensures every product, be it a Toyota Hilux Lid cover, Toyota Hilux Revo back cover, or Toyota Hilux Sports lids, meets the standards and specifications of our clients.

Whether you require a standard trunk cap, back lid, Vigo trunk cover, or customized product, we are committed to delivering according to your needs. We prioritize client satisfaction and aim to maximize the utility of your pickup vehicles, making them more feasible and functional. Trust Marks for a blend of style, functionality, reliability, and robustness in all our products.