Rear Trunk Cover

Rear Trunk Cover

The Rear Trunk Cover, also known as Sports Lid, is a trendy alternative to a canopy. Our Sports Lid will provide all weather protection and security for your belongings. It lifts manually using twin gas shocks and is fully lockable for security reasons. It comes with an aerodynamic rear brake spoiler roll bar. Innovative high-lift hinge system enables easy access to cargo. Self-supporting when its open and soft closing via twin gas shocks.

Rear Tr
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Marks Trunk Cover and Canopy

Our trunk cover and canopies are one of the best fabricated in Pakistan. Our trunk covers are designed with the best fiberglass that is designed for durability and longevity. We can design all sorts of canopies and rear trunk covers to serve different needs for best and robust vehicles, including Toyota Hilux pickup and ISUZU DMAX. . The rear trunk cover and the canopies are designed specifically for the required purpose with innovative design, the best material, and topmost security and safety.

Toyota Hilux Back Cabin Cover Collection

Toyota Hilux pickup is our preferred choice for our canopy and trunk cover collection. This vehicle is robust, versatile, and perfect for designing customized vehicles that will be innovative, strong, and reliable.

Toyota Revo back cover

We install back covers on Toyota Revo that is perfect to protect your cargo or luggage from extreme weather and keep it secure. The lid is fabricated using imported fiberglass that is highly durable and long lasting. The lid is fixed onto the rear deck using an aerodynamic rear brake spoiler roll bar and twin gas shocks that make lifting and closing a breezy task.

The entire process of fixing these stunning covers will only take 6-8 hours. Furthermore, they can also be easily removed if not required. Our rear covers are designed for functionality as well as aesthetics. High quality Japanese paint is painted on the cover in a baking paint booth to make it look stylish and pleasing to the eye. The added benefit of this rear cover other than security is fuel saving on long journeys.

Vigo back cover

We also install the rear truck cover also known as the sports lid on Vigo rear deck, to provide secure and covered storage for your luggage or cargo. Our sports lid also helps in fuel saving on long expeditions. We do not compromise on style or functionality and therefore have designed to include both. We use high quality Japanese paint to paint our highly durable and robust imported fiberglass covers. The addition of these covers will not interfere in the beauty of the car but will enhance it.

For us, quality is not an option but a necessity and that is why we use an aerodynamic rear brake spoiler bar and twin gas shocks to make lifting and closing the cover easy. The lid is self-supporting while open and will be secured tightly when closed. Although we only take around 6-8 hours for the installation of the entire system, no compromise on quality is made.

Isuzu D-MAX Trunk Cover

ISUZU DMAX is another of our preferred vehicles to customize with our stunning trunk covers. The addition of the trunk cover not only makes it look more stylish but makes it more efficient, convenient and functional.

Sports cover

For the sports lover, we have the perfect sports cover which has been specially designed to meet your sports needs. They are designed with perfection and finesse to boast style and functionality. Imported fiberglass painted using Japanese paint in a baking paint booth has been used to provide robustness, durability, and style to the cover. Our covers are highly secure and provide security from theft and extreme weather conditions; they also help to save fuel on long rides.

If you are looking for something modern, robust and highly functional, mark’s rear covers are the best option to go for as our quality and product is unmatchable. Our expertise is high and can complete your desired task within 6-8 hours professionally. Our lids are fixed in two parts: the lid and spoiler bars; this enables our customers to remove the lid easily when not required. Twin gas shocks are used for easy and soft closing and lifting of the lid; when open it is self-supporting. We use an advanced high-lift hinge system for easy access to the cargo inside.

Flat back cover

The rear deck of the ISUZU has been customized according to your needs to include an easily accessible rear cover using an advanced high-lift hinge system. The flat cover has been fabricated to ensure the pickup look of the vehicle and still add functionality to it. Therefore, we only use imported fiberglass and paint it in a baking paint booth using high quality Japanese paint. There is no compromise on style, quality or functionality.

To ensure the lid is highly functional we use a high-lift hinge system along with an aerodynamic rear brake spoiler to make lifting and access to the cargo easy; this advanced system also helps the lid to be self-supporting when open. The lid is also removable when not in use. Twin gas shocks are used for soft and easy closing of the lid; once closed the lid is highly secure and will protect from theft and harsh weather conditions.

Why choose Marks for Toyota Hilux back cover?

Marks is one of the best manufacturers of trunk covers and rear cases in Pakistan. We have made our name and gained fame because of our outclass standards. We only use high-quality imported fiberglass to fabricate our Toyota Hilux Lid cover, Toyota Hilux Revo back cover, Toyota Hilux Sports lids, and all of our other products. We carefully design and fabricate every trunk lid cover to perfection to meet the standard and specifications of our clients.

We offer a standard trunk cap, back lid, and Vigo trunk cover and work on customizing products to meet our client’s needs. Client satisfaction is our utmost pleasure, and we make sure to have happy clients. Pickups in Pakistan are widespread, but without a trunk lid cover or trunk shield, pickups can be unsafe and of limited applications. We make sure to maximize their use and make them feasible and functional for our clients.

You can never go wrong with Marks as we focus on style, functionality, reliability, and robustness in all our products.