Hilux ambulance (PU panels)

A Single Cabin Hilux pickup can be converted into an economical, yet very practical, Ambulance.

Hilux ambulance (PU panels)

A single cabin Hilux pick-up can be equipped with our stylish and unmatchable ambulance fabrication. The rear cargo deck is fitted with Marks PU Panels deckless with side door canopy and the interior fabrication includes a whole digital unit of controls, imported Auto-loader stretcher which can bear 240kg load, Japanese oxygen therapy flow meters and pressure regulators, fiberglass cabinets and shelves made with CNC mould making unit, our stylish utility panels and an air conditioning system.
We fabricate all versions of hilux pick-up ambulance including:

  • Advanced/Basic/standard life support Ambulance
  • Cardiac ambulance
  • Rescue ambulance
Hilux Ambulance (PU panels)
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As Marks Razmak Pakistan, we specialize in the fabrication of a range of hilux pick-up ambulances to cater to different medical needs. Our ambulances are built to meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and safety to ensure that patients receive the best care possible during transportation.

We offer various versions of hilux pick-up ambulance, including Advanced, Basic, and Standard Life Support Ambulances. These ambulances are equipped with the latest medical equipment and technology to provide advanced medical care during transportation. They are suitable for patients who require intensive care, such as those with critical illnesses or injuries.

In addition to the Advanced, Basic, and Standard Life Support Ambulances, we also fabricate Cardiac Ambulances. These ambulances are specifically designed to provide specialized care to patients with cardiac-related emergencies, such as heart attacks or cardiac arrest. They are equipped with specialized equipment, such as defibrillators and ECG machines, to monitor and treat cardiac conditions.

Finally, we also offer Rescue Ambulances, which are designed to provide emergency medical care to patients in situations such as natural disasters or accidents. Our rescue ambulances are equipped with special rescue tools and equipment, such as stretchers, oxygen tanks, and first aid kits, to provide immediate medical attention to patients in critical condition.

At Mark Razmak Pakistan, we take pride in our commitment to providing high-quality hilux pick-up ambulances to meet the diverse medical needs of our customers. Our ambulances are designed to offer maximum comfort, safety, and efficiency during transportation, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care in any emergency situation.