Isuzu Double Cabin Price in Pakistan

Isuzu Double Cabin Price in Pakistan

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Planning to go on an adventure with style and comfort? The Isuzu double cabin is the ultimate car you need to go for a memorable excursion. It is an all-in-one vehicle that will give you style, comfort, power, spaciousness, and robustness. It is a car perfect for taking on challenging terrains and unexplored areas. It is sure to give an experience like never before.

isuzu d max double cabin

The Isuzu exterior and interior are exceptional and have surpassed the standards set by its predecessors. The Isuzu double cabin is a mighty beast that is packed with a powerful engine in a streamlined muscle body that projects style and robustness. Compared to its competitors, it is an affordable option and therefore loved by people.

Isuzu Double Cabin Exterior

Isuzu Double Cabin Price in Pakistan

The Isuzu double cabin has an elegant exterior that gives a whole and impressive look. The front meshed dark chrome grille adds an oomph to the car. The front curving arches also add character to the vehicle. The front of the car has also been made exquisite with striking headlights, bumper, and fog lamps.

Isuzu Double Cabin Price in Pakistan

The vehicle’s sides are streamlined and give a unique look to the car. A footstep runs along the side that helps the passenger enter and leave the car. The footstep also adds style to the vehicle. The back LED taillights’ black trims also give the car a beautiful look. Matching black wheels have also been added to make the car classier. Furthermore, other features have also been added to improve the overall look.

Additional features include roof rails, shark fin antenna, rear parking sensors, door visors, rocker plate, daytime running lights, tailgate ornament, multi-reflectors, etc.

Isuzu Double Cabin Interior

The interior of the Isuzu double cabin  is also stunning with immaculate details. The interior detailing, from the upholstery to the installed equipment, is classy and up to date. The car’s interior is very spacious, with comfortable seats and a complete entertainment package for the passengers. The steering and windows are power controlled, making the use very easy. The car’s maneuvering over rugged areas becomes very easy with a power-controlled steering system.

Entertainment system includes an eight-inch screen mounted at the front and powerful stereo speakers. The car also incorporates safety for its passengers and has provided space for airbags as well.

Other excellent car control features that make the drive smooth and comfortable include an emergency braking system, electronic stability control, hill start aid, hill descent control, Advanced Driver Assist System, traction control, etc.

Upgradation of Isuzu double cabin with Marks

M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max

We makes best canopies for isuzu double cab. The use of this amazing vehicle to increase its functionality further and make it more useful. Marks has modified the Isuzu double cabin with different styles of canopies to make it functional for different purposes. Marks uses high-quality imported fiberglass to design and fabricate customized as well as standard canopies.


Different modifications designed by Marks include QRF cars, police escort canopy, heightened canopy, flat roof canopy, and rear trunk covers. These modifications enhance functionality and add style and elegance to the car. The fiberglass canopies added by Marks make the Isuzu to be used for a wide variety of purposes, including fun excursions, security personnel, transport, sports, and much more.

In a nutshell

The Isuzu double cabin is an amazing car, and Marks has made it even more unique, functional, and stylish by adding highly equipped, stylish, and robust canopies to it. Its affordable value makes it even more lovable by users.