M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max

M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max

Largest Isuzu Flat Roof canopy Manufacturer in Pakistan

This is our latest canopy for ISUZU D-MAX undoubtedly our flagship model its height is at the same level as that of vehicle’s original roof, hence called flat roof. It is equipped with High Quality LED brake lights / without brake Lights on both rear pillars. The canopy adds an element of style to the already aggressive Vigo. It can ideally be used for the storage of luggage. Two detachable foam seats are also provided on demand, which can be used as the need arises.

M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max
M3 Hilux
M3 Hilux
M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max
M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max
M3 Hilux Interior Seating
M3 Hilux M3 Hilux M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max M3 Hilux Interior Seating

Best Isuzu Dmax Pickup Canopy in Pakistan – Marks

The ISUZU D-Max canopy is Marks flagship model for flat roof canopies as well as other imported fiberglass canopies. Marks is the largest manufacturer of imported fiberglass canopies and has always satisfied their customers and met their needs without compromising on quality, durability, and functionality at reasonable prices.

Exterior of Isuzu D-max Canopy:

ISUZU D-Max is one robust car that is great for taking on excursions and adventures. The car is strong enough to handle rough terrain and reach remote areas without any trouble. It is the dream of sports and adventure lovers and is also a preferred choice of many.

This robust vehicle comes with an open truck which can be rendered useless if left as is. The canopy for ISUZU D-Max has been specifically designed to utilize this extra space. The utilization of this space transforms the car’s functionality and brings about endless options for its use. The canopy for ISUZU double cab and the canopy for ISUZU extended cab adds versatility and enhanced functionality to the vehicle, making it even more perfect for different purposes.

There is no compromise on the design and aesthetics of the vehicle. The canopy for ISUZU KB 250 and all other models have been designed to infuse the car’s exterior design without making it look something extra. The rear pillars have been provided with LED brake lights to add to the beauty and as a safety precaution for increasing the visibility of brake lights. Windows have also been provided for air circulation and light to enter the cabin.

Interior Design of ISUZU D-Max Double Cab:

The canopy for ISUZU D-Max double cab has been designed with perfection both inside and out. The canopy’s interior has been designed to add comfortability, style, entertainment, and functionality for the passengers. The flat roof design is usually ideal for extra stowage of luggage as the canopy provides a safe and secure space for luggage storage.

However, extra seats have also been provided for additional passenger seating. To consider the comfort of the passengers, a dual air conditioning system can also be added to keep the cabin cool. Further add-ons include an entertainment system or any other system demanded by the customer. The wide doors, movable windows, sliding roof (in some cases) make entering, leaving, sitting, and using the cabin a breezy task.


What is Marks ISUZU’s double cabin price in Pakistan?

The ISUZU D-Max double cabin is reasonably priced, considering its features and robustness. The base variant of the car can be purchased for PKR 34.5 lacs. If you move further up the variants, the price is likely to increase, and you can get the top-of-the-line variant for PKR 69.9 lacs which is a very attractive and competitive price.

How long does it take to complete the ISUZU D-Max pickup canopy by Marks?

Pickup canopies are designed and fabricated with the highest standards. A general standard canopy can be ready with all the details within a day. A more advanced canopy with enhanced features and systems can take a few more days or about a week to be ready for the customer.

Which cities Marks offer ISUZU D-Max canopy manufacturing services?

ISUZU D-Max canopy manufacturing services can be accessed in most major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, etc.