M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max

M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max

Leading Isuzu D Max Canopy Manufacturer in Pakistan – Marks

Unveiling our latest product, the ISUZU D-MAX Flat Roof Canopy, a seamless fusion of style and utility. This canopy aligns perfectly with the original roof height of your vehicle, giving it the ‘flat roof’ distinction. Equipped with high-quality LED brake lights, this canopy enhances the aesthetic appeal of your D-MAX while offering ample storage space for luggage. Additional detachable foam seats can be provided on demand, enhancing the vehicle’s seating capacity as per your needs.

M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max
M3 Hilux
M3 Hilux
M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max
M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max
M3 Hilux Interior Seating
M3 Hilux M3 Hilux M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max M3 Flat Roof Canopy on ISUZU D-Max M3 Hilux Interior Seating

Key Features

  • LED Brake Lights: Enhance safety with high-quality, highly visible brake lights.
  • Drill-Free Installation: Clamp-based ‘drill-free’ installation
  • Imported Internal Parts: Ensuring long-lasting durability with imported components, including brake lamps.
  • Two-Year Warranty: We stand behind our products, offering a 2-year warranty on all canopies.
  • Japanese 2K Baked Paint: Enhances the aesthetic appeal of the canopy while offering protection against the elements.
  • Folding Parallel Seats: Offering optional passenger seating at the rear.
  • Sliding Glass Windows: Allow for increased light and ventilation.
  • Multimedia Speakers: Built-in speakers for entertainment during travel.
  • Dual AC Unit: Optional installation for enhanced climate control within the canopy.

Optional Features

  • Parallel Seating for 4 Persons
  • Parallel Detachable Foam Seats
  • Ceiling Mounted Rear AC Unit (Option – I)
  • Floor Mounted Rear AC Unit (Option – II) Experience endless customization options with our fibreglass pickup canopy. Protect your goods, expand your storage, and enhance your vehicle’s functionality with Marks’ flat canopy. Secure yours today.

Marks – The Go-To Provider for Isuzu D-max Canopies in Pakistan

Marks takes pride in being the top manufacturer of flat roofs and imported fiberglass canopies in Pakistan. Our ISUZU D-Max Canopy is a testament to our commitment to providing superior quality, durable, and highly functional products without compromising on style or affordability.

Exterior Design of Isuzu D-max Canopy

The ISUZU D-MAX, with its robust design, is the ideal vehicle for adventurers and sports enthusiasts. However, the vehicle’s open truck can become more functional with the addition of our carefully designed canopy. Designed to seamlessly blend with the exterior design, the canopy adds versatility and functionality to your D-MAX. Enhanced visibility and safety are ensured with LED brake lights installed on the rear pillars, and windows are included for optimal air circulation and natural light.

Interior Layout of the Isuzu D-MAX Canopy

Designed for maximum comfort, style, and utility, the interior of our ISUZU D-MAX Canopy offers plenty more than just additional luggage space. With the inclusion of extra seats, the vehicle’s passenger capacity is increased. The option of adding a dual air conditioning system ensures a comfortable cabin temperature, while optional entertainment systems cater to passengers’ entertainment needs. Easy cabin access, adjustable windows, and in some cases, a sliding roof, ensure that using the canopy is a breeze.


For detailed pricing information on the Isuzu D-max M3 Flat Roof Canopy, please contact us directly. We’d be delighted to provide a comprehensive quote tailored to your specific requirements.


What is ISUZU’s double cabin price in Pakistan?

The ISUZU D-Max double cabin is reasonably priced, considering its features and robustness. The base variant of the car can be purchased for PKR 69 lacs. If you move further up the variants, the price is likely to increase, and you can get the top-of-the-line variant for PKR 1.18 crore which is a very attractive and competitive price.

How long does it take to complete the ISUZU D-Max pickup canopy by Marks?

Pickup canopies are designed and fabricated with the highest standards. A general standard canopy can be ready with all the details within a day. A more advanced canopy with enhanced features and systems can take a few more days or about a week to be ready for the customer.

Which cities does Marks offer ISUZU D-Max canopy installation services in?

ISUZU D-Max canopy installation services can be accessed in most major cities of Pakistan like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, etc.