Customized Vehicles

Marks has a range of customized vehicles such as Fire Fighting Vehicle Fabricated on FAW Truck, Single Cabin Converted into Doubin Cabin, Mobile Health Unit Fabricated on Hino Truck, Mobile registration vehicle for NADRA and Vaccine carrier on Hino truck.

Customized Vehicles

Mobile Food Testing Lab Fabricated on Hiace Van

Single Cabin Converted into Twin Cabin

Do you have a single cabin but want more enclosed seating without eliminating the open truck? We have the best-customized vehicle for your needs. We have converted a single Cabin into a double cabin and also have left some open truck space. Our design is the most thoughtful and will not compromise on style, comfort, or functionality.

Airlift Armed Vehicle

Armed forces have special needs to transport soldiers, weapons, and small and large equipment. We have designed a unique vehicle specially designed to cater to the needs of security forces. This specially customized vehicle has been designed to be airlifted without creating any trouble. The strength and robustness of the customization are unmatchable. Marks escort canopy is one of its kind for active army personnel

Fire Fighting Vehicle Fabricated on FAW Truck

Firefighting trucks must be heavily equipped to tackle all sorts of situations quickly. We have customized a FAW truck into a firefighting truck and have equipped it with the latest and modern firefighting system, equipment, and tools, all necessary for an emergency.

Library Fabricated on SUZUKI MEGA CARRY

Many rural and remote areas have no access to a library or good books. To make education easy for everyone and accessible to all, we have designed and fabricated a mobile library on a Suzuki Mega Carry that can travel to remote areas and let everyone enjoy the pleasure of reading books.

Mobile Health Unit Fabricated on Hino Truck

Our customized mobile health unit is a favourite amongst NGOs and hospitals looking to provide their excellent services to areas where health services are scarce. The customized mobile health unit is equipped with the latest medical equipment and can provide satisfactory treatment to the patients. Marks fabricated ambulances also are trendsetters in Pakistan.

Customized Vehicle on ISUZU Truck (PEPSI)

Different products have different requirements for transporting from one place to another. We can customize your desired vehicle into your dream vehicle with all necessities. We have customized an ISUZU truck for PEPSI and fulfilled all the requirements demanded.

Mobile Registration Vehicle for NADRA

NADRA has been offering appraisable services for the people. We have helped them in their services by customizing a mobile registration vehicle that can go anywhere and help the citizens register themselves without getting stuck in traffic and waiting in long queues. The vehicle has been equipped with all the necessary details.

Vaccine Carrier on Hino Truck

A vaccine is very sensitive and needs a particular and controlled environment for getting transported. We have customized a Hino truck into a vaccine carrier to provide the required environment for the vaccine to stay usable. The innovative design has helped the government and people to transport vaccines to any desired area without getting the vaccine to spoil.