Mobile Health Unit

Mobile Health Unit

Any truck vehicle can be converted into our unparallel fabricated Mobile Health Unit. With alot of experience and extensive research, we have designed many mobile health units which also includes mobile dispensary and mobile OPD.
USAID, GIZ Germany, save the children, helping hand and several other NGO’s are some of our valuable clients practically using our fabricated mobile health units in rural and urban areas.

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Mobile Health Unit interior
MHU MHU2 Ready for Delivery Mobile Health Unit interior

Mobile Health Units Manufacturer In Pakistan- Marks

Marks was founded in the early 90s for the manufacturing of high-quality fiberglass products. At the beginning of the 20th century, Marks research and development brought in their original and modern range of ambulances, Canopies and further fabricated automobiles.

We have an international clientele of leading NGOs like Helping Hand and Save the Child and national organizations such as PIA and NADRA amongst the thousands of clientele that Marks have acquired in its 3 decades of experience in the market. Today, Marks stands as a prominent leading brand for mobile health services in Pakistan.

With an experience of almost 30 years in excellent and exemplary craftsmanship, it’s safe to say that Marks is trendsetter in its domain. Not to mention, it ranks top amongst Asia as the largest manufacturer of its kind.

Marks is Pakistan’s number one ambulance manufacturer, which ensures to design and fabricate ambulances as such so they are soundproof and thermally-insulated with enough space for all the necessary equipment required for pre-hospital care or a health emergency.

When it comes down to providing both fundamental and sophisticated life support, Marks idea for vehicle conversion to ambulance has been a major success in addressing the customer’s requirements.

It provides you with an elegant interior which is spacious at a lesser price. Our top-quality and up-to international standard products have persuaded thousands of customers to meet their requirements.

We, not only offer the standard vehicle fabrication but, can also customize it according to the customer’s requirement and needs. This is what makes Marks different and unique from other health mobile organizations.

What makes Marks ambulances stand out?

Marks has a vast variety when it comes to fabricated ambulances, using different types of vehicles for different purposes such as basic, advanced life support, rescue and cardiac ambulances.

This vast selection of vehicles assists Marks to access all areas including and especially the remote ones and to attend to different kinds of emergencies.

Few reasons why Marks is a popular choice amongst it’s thousands of customers are:

Simple Functionality

Our ambulances are backed by the most powerful and newest engines available in the market. The powerful engine is adequate for smooth travel amongst cities and other remote areas. It has straightforward marks that are easy to understand and accurate control as the front of the ambulance has been equipped in detail with each control.

Roomy Interior

Mark ambulances are big enough to fit in a squad bench, a stretcher and all necessary tools and equipment to fabricate  International standard ambulances. Apart from being able to hold up all the necessary tools and equipment, it also has enough space for seats of 2-3 persons minimum. Not only that, the interior construction of Marks every ambulance looks posh, somewhat monotone and pleasant.

Quality and standard certifications

Marks abide by the set standard and specifications for products laid by the relevant government in which ambulances are operating. Marks ambulances are of highest quality and maintain all quality standards and certifications for mid-size and large vehicles. This way Marks is one of the most trustable and top brands as a reliable mobile health units manufacturer.

Advanced safety that it offers

Marks automobiles are fitted with a spectrum of safety measures, such as belts, energy-absorbing wheels, powerful and strong brakes, etc. Few of the ambulances are equipped with Japanese oxygen therapy flow meters, fiberglass cabinets and shelves, pressure regulators and  an imported auto-loader stretcher along with an air conditioning system and stylish utility panels. This is what makes Marks’ reputation a cut-above its competitors in the market.

Absolutely-equipped ambulances

To prevent further damage from occurring or worsening of an emergency, our ambulances are absolutely-equipped to extend care and treatment of all kinds of patients. All our ambulances are provided with fundamental health tools like monitoring and defibrillation tools, immobilization tools, infection control tools, injury prevention tools, communication tools, bandages, etc.

Moreover, depending on the budget and needs of our customers, further equipment may also be introduced in an ambulance. Examples of further equipment are disposable bags, disposable urinals, basins, measuring tape, cold packs, blankets.

Top-Quality vehicle

Professionals at Marks give importance to value and put every single equipment in the right place before providing customers with any sort of price range. Preference is given to medical necessities and no small piece of equipment or medical tool is overlooked in the process. The prices we offer are also competitive and unmatchable to the quality products we offer.

Types of vehicles that can be turned into Marks high-calibre and standardized ambulance

Any midsize to large trucks can be fabricated to mobile health units. Ambulances may vary in their lengths which are 12 feet to 16 or 18 feet.

Materials used in the Fabrication process of an Ambulance

For us at Marks, quality is a necessity and we make certain that there are no compromises on our quality. For this very reason, we use molded fiberglass or PU panels. Fiberglass is used to ensure reliability, durability and long life span of the ambulances.

Preparation Time

Ambulance fabrication is a complex task and requires expertise and precision to be done perfectly. The manufacturing and fabrication of an ambulance includes the entire fabrication of the interior of an ambulance alongside, the installation of all the systems and making sure that the ambulance is well-equipped. Our experts team can do this whole process in around 2-3 weeks which is the quickest time for fabrication of an ambulance when trying to attain perfection.

Cost of an Ambulance Fabrication in Pakistan

Ambulance fabrication is a complicated task and can vary greatly depending on the specifications, equipment and requirements of the clients. The more inventive and up-to-date the features and designs of the ambulance would be, the higher the cost in its fabrication process.

Average fabrication cost of an ambulance ranges from 2.5 million to 4.5 million in PKR.


Mark is undoubtedly the best and largest manufacturer of fiberglass products that includes ambulances, customized vehicles, canopies, and much more. Our products are of excellent quality and are designed with comprehensive and thorough research and made with the top-quality raw materials from the market. And the best thing is unmatched prices for the high quality and expertise Marks offer.


How to contact us at Marks?

If you are looking for ways to contact us for facilitating our amazing ambulances then, we are just a call or mail away. Feel free to send us your queries and demands at [email protected] and our representative will contact you promptly. We also have multiple mobile phone numbers where you can contact us without any hesitation.

Where is your office located?

At the moment, we are based in Industrial Estate Hayatabad Peshawar. We look ahead to expanding our legacy in other cities of Pakistan. We also have a large service center / branch office at Tarnol Islamabad, very close to Motorway Interchange.

What are your office timings?

We at Marks, attend to our clients with great dedication and are available for them from Monday to Saturday, 6 days a week. You can contact us via our email or multiple phone numbers or even visit our office during the time from 8am to 4:45 pm. We would be delighted to help you with your queries, fulfil your requirements and meet your demands.