Changan Karvaan Ambulance Price in Pakistan

Changan Karvaan Ambulance Price in Pakistan

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The Changan Karvaan Ambulance in Pakistan is a standard-size van produced by Changan Auto, a state-owned Chinese automaker. The original Changan Karvaan was a front-engine, front-wheel-drive small minivan. Changan Karvaan comes in two flavors in Pakistan: the 1.0 Base Model and the Plus.

Exterior of Changan Karvaan

The exterior of Changan Kaarvan 2023 is sleek and modern, with a boxy shape and a slant front. The van’s two chrome wings flank a grille that houses trapezoidal headlamps. High-intensity fog lights with chrome trim may be seen just below the headlights. The vehicle has LED tail lights that are angled to the side. An easy-to-use sliding door provides access to the inside from the back. Comfortable driving is facilitated by large side mirrors.

Changan Karvaan Exterior

Interior of Changan Karvaan

There is plenty of room and luxurious amenities on board the 2023 Changan Karvaan. The space gray cabin can fit up to six people, and the optional third-row seats can be pulled down to expand the trunk. The high-end upholstery and built-in lumbar support make the seats very comfortable.

The monochrome instrument cluster has a safety belt indicator for the driver. Auxiliary input and temperature controls are located on the central fascia. The second and third rows of a car benefit greatly from the dual air conditioning systems.

Long drives won’t be a problem with this vehicle. If you need extra room for passengers, you can always tack on two more seats. Among the available security options are power door locks, a child safety lock, an immobilizer, and anti-lock brakes. The Karvaan 2023 is equipped with a number of other amenities as standard equipment, such as a remote fuel lid and trunk, adjustable steering, a defogger, keyless entry, a heater, and a rear wiper.

Changan Karvaan Price in Pakistan

Changan Karvaan Ambulance Price in Pakistan vehicle in 2023 is PKR 2,779,000. The cost of fabricating a Changan Karvaan vehicle is around 6,400,00. This is tentative pricing and can vary based on the type of Changan Karvaan ambulance you require.

Changan Karvaan Ambulance Alternatives in Pakistan

For many years, the Changan Karvaan has been the go-to van in Pakistan, but Suzuki Bolan has emerged as a formidable alternative. Compared to the Bolan, the Changan Karvaan is superior in every way. It has more standard equipment and a longer wheelbase.

If you’re looking for a reliable alternative to the Karvaan, consider the FAW X-PV. It is built in China but has low upfront costs and is simple to keep up with. However, Karvaan is superior to the X-PV in terms of both safety and stability.

Karvaan’s competitors, the Suzuki Bolan and the FAW X-PV provide significant cost savings.

Fabrication Cost for Changan Karvaan Ambulance in Pakistan

Changan Karvaan vehicle modifications may be made easily and effectively with the help of automobile fabrication. After a detailed inspection of the vehicle, Marks may begin the fabrication procedure for fabricating the exterior and interior of Changan Karvaan. If you want a high-quality fabrication of any automobile available in Pakistan like Changan Karvaan, you can get it done through Marks car fabrication facility. Marks has remodelled a few Changan Karvaan ambulances in this style.

Changan Karvaan Ambulance

The fabrication cost of Changan Karvaan vehicle depends on a lot of factors including the materials installed in the vehicle like PU panels. For a single-door Changan Karvaan vehicle, the cost would be around 1 million PKR.

However, patient-sensitive ambulances carrying ventilation support facilities within them would require the installation of PU panels. The cost of fabricating such Changan Karvaan ambulances can be around 2 million PKR or even more depending on the installation facilities they offer.

Emergency Equipment Required in Changan Karvaan Ambulance

In order to prevent more injuries or deterioration of the situation, the ambulance has to be well-equipped to give rapid care and assistance to patients of all different sorts. It is expected that the ambulance will be able to give the patient the necessary prehospital treatment. The amount and kind of equipment that are put in an ambulance are determined by a variety of criteria, some of which are economic, while others include the population density and the certification of the provider. The following are the types of necessary items that must be carried by ambulance at all times:

  • Ventilation equipment,
  • Immobilization equipment,
  • Monitoring and defibrillation equipment
  • Communication equipment
  • Bandages
  • Obstetrical ki,
  • Infection control kit
  • Injury-prevention kit

Changan Karvaan Ambulance Price in Pakistan

A Changan Karvaan ambulance may also contain and be equipped with a variety of other medical supplies and devices. Some examples of these include ice compresses, flashlights, wet wipes, disposable bags, basins, replaceable urinals, sphygmomanometers, measuring tapes, blankets, sheets, folding stretchers, carry chairs, patient care forms, and charts.

How to Do Ambulance Fabrication on Changan Karvaan

Ambulance fabrication in Changan Karvaan vehicles involves modifying both the exterior and interior of the car. It is the best option for dealing with emergency situations in Pakistan and a pretty low-cost option at that.

When fiberglass and canopies need to be mounted to a vehicle, the Changan Karvaan ambulance is the vehicle of choice. It is the best option for dealing with any kind of urgent situation, particularly in Pakistan.

The tires, interior, and outside body all work together to create a harmonious whole. Mark will modify and manufacture your vehicle in a ground-breaking way, which will result in you getting exactly the car you’ve been seeking for.

Get your Changan Karvaan ambulance fabricated by Marks today. See our range of pricing for Changan Karvaan ambulances on our website.

  • How much is completed ambulance will cos with basic life support equipment installed into it
    With all this :
    Ventilation equipment,
    Immobilization equipment,
    Monitoring and defibrillation equipment
    Communication equipment
    Obstetrical ki,
    Infection control kit
    Injury-prevention kit