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Fully Equipped Ambulance Price in Pakistan depends on its features and durability. An ambulance is a vehicle very different from an ordinary vehicle as it provides assisted medical intervention before a suffering person can reach the hospital for proper medical care. Accidents and emergencies can happen anywhere; most situations are critical and must be attended to with appropriate medical care to save a life.

It is very likely that an emergency situation is far from the hospital, which means medical support must be provided even before reaching the hospital. This is only possible through an ambulance. People in an emergency situation must know when to call an ambulance to save lives, prevent critical conditions, or worsen a situation.

An ambulance must be equipped with the necessary equipment to deal with different medical conditions for everyone, including children, young and older adults. There are different types of ambulances to deal with different situations. There are basic life support, advanced life support, rescue, cardiac, and many more types of ambulances.

Ambulance Exterior

The ambulance is usually fabricated in a van or a pickup. The sizes vary with the type of ambulance, service provider, and cost. The van used can be a spacious Hi-ace or a standard Hi-roof. The roof can be high or medium-sized. It can be fabricated at the back of a double or single cabin car with a door and window to allow movement freely. An ambulance can also be fabricated in a container and attached to a pickup. The options are numerous.


The vehicle chosen for an ambulance must be powerful enough to carry the heavy load efficiently. The vehicle must also have good suspension and smooth steering to reach underdeveloped areas to save lives. The flashlights and backlights must be operational; an additional light siren must be present at the top to alert all nearby vehicles.

Necessary Equipment in an Ambulance


The ambulance must be well-equipped to provide immediate care and treatment to all types of patients to avoid further injury or worsening of a situation. The ambulance should be able to provide appropriate pre hospital care to the patient. The type and level of equipment installed in an ambulance depend on a number of factors, including economic, population density, certification of provider, and many more. The equipment that must be included in an ambulance are of the following categories:

  • Airway and ventilation equipment,
  • Immobilization equipment,
  • Monitoring and defibrillation,
  • Communication,
  • Bandages,
  • Obstetrical kit,
  • Infection control, and
  • Injury-prevention equipment

Additional equipment like cold packs, flashlights, towels, disposable bags, basins, disposable urinal, sphygmomanometer, measuring tape, blankets, sheets, folding stretcher, carry chair, patient care form and charts, etc. may also be present and installed in an ambulance depending on the service provider and its cost.


For a basic life support ambulance, the different equipment installed in each category include:

Airway and ventilation equipment

Portable oxygen equipment with the regulated flow, oxygen-administration equipment with tube and mask, fixed and portable suction apparatus operated through a regulator, bag-valve-mask, pulse oximeter for both children and adults, oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal, bulb suction with saline drops for babies.


Immobilization equipment

Head immobilizing device with form padding, cervical collars for everyone, including children and adults, lower extremity traction device, lower and upper extremity immobilization device, extrication device, and impervious backboards.

Monitoring and defibrillation:

The presence of an automated external defibrillator (AED) is necessary for an ambulance. The AED must be suitable for use with children as well as adults.


Effective communication between dispatcher, medical control, and EMS provider must be present.


There are different kinds of bandages for different types of injuries. All types of bandages must be present in the ambulance for immediate treatment of the wound. Different bandages include dressings, triangular bandages, sterile burn sheets, gauze rolls of different sizes, adhesive tape, occlusive dressing, and arterial tourniquet.

Obstetrical kit:

A commercially available kit with towels, umbilical tape, gloves, blanket, clamps, dressing, bulb suction, and cutting equipment must be present. Some heat reflective material like aluminium foil roll or thermal blanket must also be present.

fully equipped ambulance

Infection control

While treating in the ambulance, the paramedic team must take all safety precautions to avoid infection spreading or spreading of germs. Some protective equipment includes coveralls, gloves, shoe covers, face and eye protection, disinfectant solution, hand cleaner, disposable trash bags, and face masks for respiratory protection.

Injury-prevention equipment

To prevent further injury or damage, some protective equipment like a helmet, hazardous material reference guide, traffic-signaling devices, reflective safety gear for paramedic personnel, fire extinguisher, etc.

For an advanced life support ambulance, all of the above equipment and additional equipment must be present. These ambulances are sued for more critical and severe situations or to transport intensive care people. They contain cardiac equipment and can be used for sensitive and critical situations.

Price of a Fully Equipped Ambulance

Fully Equipped Ambulance Price 2023 in Pakistan is ambiguous as it depends on the vehicle being used and the equipment and systems installed in it. Fully Equipped Ambulance Price 2023 in Pakistan range from a few lacs to a few hundred lacs depending on the advancement in the ambulance.  On average, the cost of Marks Ambulance is from 0.4 Million to 2.5 Million PKR.

fully equipped ambulance

Ambulance Conversion in Pakistan by Marks – Razmak Industries

Marks Pakistan has been a pioneer in fabrication and manufacturing of Ambulance vehicles. The ambulance conversion is by far the most authentic type of remodelling. Marks is known to conduct proper vehicle inspection before adding additional structures.

1) Hilux-Ambulance-PU-Panels

It is the perfect ambulance for rough terrains. It has been designed on a deckless single cabin Hilux making it perfect for off-road expeditions. The ambulance fabrication on this vehicle has been done with extensive research and all types of ambulances can be fabricated on this vehicle to make life-saving easier.

2) Mobile Health Unit

Marks mobile health unit is uniquely designed portable health unit which is fabricated as mobile OPDs, dispensaries and on-the-go clinics. Our mobile health unit is a hot favorite amongst NGOs working to provide medical facilities in rural areas.

3) Changan Karvaan

The best affordable ambulance is the Marks Changan Karvaan ambulance. It can be fabricated to include all essential ambulance equipment and systems, yet the price is affordable for many. It can be designed according to the client’s budget and requirements.


A fully equipped ambulance can be a lifesaver if it is called timely. It has all the necessary supplies to provide pre hospital care to patients in emergency situations. Different types of ambulance costs differ and broadly vary with the advanced systems and equipment present in the ambulance.

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