Fiberglass side Spoilers over abs

Why Should I Choose Fiberglass Side Spoilers over ABS

Why Should I Choose Fiberglass Side Spoilers over ABS 2160 1080 admin

A spoiler can add a unique and stylish look to your vehicle, and choosing the right material is important for aesthetics and performance. Fiberglass side spoilers are becoming increasingly popular for their superior design and performance compared to other options on the market.

Side Spoilers

Side spoilers are usually added to the sides of a car, usually near the rear area. These are typically made from lightweight materials such as fiberglass and come in various colors and shapes to best match the style of the car.

One of the main benefits of installing car side spoilers is that they reduce the drag on your car. This reduces the amount of air resistance your engine has to push against, resulting in better fuel efficiency. Side spoilers also create downforce on the car, meaning you can corner faster due to increased traction. This is especially useful in cars with powerful engines, as they can gain significant speed boosts when cornering at high speeds.

In addition to the performance benefits, side spoilers can have a huge impact on your car’s appearance. Adding a set of side spoilers gives your vehicle a sleek and sporty look that will set it apart from the rest.

But when it comes to choosing the material for your side spoilers, you might be wondering whether to go for fiberglass or ABS, so we will discuss the pros and cons and why you should choose fiberglass side spoilers over ABS.

What are Fiberglass and ABS?

Before we dive into the comparison, let’s first understand what fiberglass and ABS are. Fiberglass is a composite material made of glass fibers embedded in resin. It is lightweight, strong, and durable, making it a popular material for automotive.

On the other hand, ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, which is a thermoplastic polymer. It is a durable and lightweight material commonly used for plastic products, including car parts like side spoilers.

Benefits of Fiberglass Side Spoilers

Lightweight material

Fiberglass is a much lighter material than ABS, making it ideal for adding side spoilers to your vehicle without significant weight. It will not add unnecessary weight to your vehicle, making it the clear winner in terms of weight. On the other hand, ABS is a relatively heavy material, which can negatively impact your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy.

Better aerodynamics

Fiberglass side spoilers are designed to provide better aerodynamics than ABS side spoilers. The smooth surface of fiberglass can reduce drag and improve airflow around your vehicle.

More customization options

Fiberglass side spoilers can be easily customized to match your car color and style. Additionally, you can have a custom design or shape made to your liking. Fiberglass can be easily molded into any shape or design, making it a popular choice for customizing vehicles. This means that fiberglass side spoilers can be designed to match your specific preferences or needs, allowing you to customize your vehicle.


Fiberglass is a strong and durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions and minor impacts, making it an ideal material for off-road vehicles like the Toyota Hilux Revo. Additionally, fiberglass is less prone to cracking and warping than ABS, providing added durability and longevity.

Improved performance

Fiberglass side spoilers can improve car performance by reducing lift and increasing downforce. This can help your car handle better at high speeds and improve its overall stability.


Fiberglass side spoilers are known for their sleek and stylish appearance, often used to enhance the sporty look of the vehicle. At Marks 4WD Adaptors, we offer side spoilers inspired by TRD Designs, allowing you to add a custom touch to your vehicle’s exterior.


Fiberglass is generally less expensive than ABS, making fiberglass side spoilers a more affordable option for those on a tight budget without compromising on quality and aesthetics. Additionally, fiberglass repairs are relatively easy to perform.

Easy to Maintain

Fiberglass is a repair-friendly material, meaning that it can be easily repaired in case of any damage or cracks. The repair process typically involves sanding, applying a new layer of fiberglass resin, and painting. This makes fiberglass side spoilers a better option than ABS side spoilers, which cannot be repaired after they have been damaged and need to be fully replaced.

Drawbacks of ABS Side Spoilers

Heavyweight material

ABS is a heavier material than fiberglass, which can add extra weight to your vehicle, impacting its performance.

Limited customization options

ABS side spoilers have limited customization options, as they can only be painted to match your car’s color.

Poorer aerodynamics

ABS side spoilers have a rougher surface that can cause more drag, negatively impacting your vehicle’s performance.

Less durable and prone to cracking

ABS is a less durable material that tends to crack and fade over time due to weather exposure.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Fiberglass and ABS Spoilers

Several factors can influence your decision when choosing between fiberglass and ABS side spoilers, including the type of vehicle, the purpose of the spoiler, desired look, budget, and personal preference.

Installation Process

The installation process for both fiberglass and ABS side spoilers is relatively straightforward. However, fiberglass side spoilers require more preparation and skill to install due to their customizability and shape.

Maintenance and Repair

Fiberglass and ABS side spoilers require different levels of maintenance and repair. Fiberglass Rear spoilers can be easily repaired if damaged, but they require periodic cleaning and waxing to maintain their appearance. ABS side spoilers are less durable and more prone to cracking, requiring more frequent repair and replacement.


When it comes to adding a side spoiler to your vehicle, fiberglass is the better choice over ABS. Additionally, fiberglass side spoilers offer better aerodynamics, improved performance, and a sleek, sporty look that can enhance the appearance and handling of your vehicle.

Ultimately, the decision between fiberglass and ABS side spoilers depends on your personal preference, budget, and the specific needs of your vehicle. However, if you want to invest in a durable and high-performance side spoiler that will last for years to come, fiberglass is the clear winner.