Toyota Hiace Ambulance Price in Pakistan

Toyota Hiace Ambulance Price in Pakistan 2023

Toyota Hiace Ambulance Price in Pakistan 2023 1600 991 admin

Toyota, the Japanese vehicle manufacturer, never fails to satisfy its customers. HiAce by Toyota is another fantastic vehicle that is perfect for family and commercial use. It is spacious, powerful, comfortable, beautifully designed and luxurious from the inside as well as the outside. This vehicle is one of the most successful and running MPV with great mileage, fuel capacity, and a powerful engine. Toyota Hiace Ambulance is very affordable with good features and specifications and is also user-friendly.

The HiAce, due to its unique features, has been a hot favorite amongst ambulance manufacturers who are looking for vehicles that are not only spacious but powerful, comfortable, durable, and safe for classifying as an ambulance. The body of the HiAce is long enough and spacious to accommodate all the necessary equipment and apparatus needed to fabricate an ambulance.

It comes in several variants, and the prices vary accordingly. Nonetheless, each variant is robust enough to serve well as an ambulance. Moreover, the prices can also vary with the equipment installed in it and the advanced system fitted in the vehicle to serve as advanced life support or cardiac ambulance.

Toyota Hiace Ambulance Exterior

Toyota pays special attention to every detail of the vehicle, be it the interior, exterior, or engine; every corner of the vehicle is designed with perfection, keeping in mind durability, safety, and aesthetics. The HiAce has also been designed to give the look of a super luxurious van with an elegant front grill, attractive headlights, and a sleek and modern shape. The back of the van has been provided with a high-mounted stop light that adds to the aesthetics as well as contributes to the safety of the vehicle.


The rear glass window has also been provided with a wiper to enjoy a clear and safe drive even in foggy or rainy weather. The body comes with spacious and smooth sliding doors. Sliding doors make the vehicle compact and require less clearance space at parking. The doors move like butter, and with a slight nudge at the handle, the doors will automatically slide open wide. The windows are also sliding with locks. The sliding window design makes using the window easy and also adds style to the vehicle.

For an ambulance, a multi-tone siren along with blaring lights are added to make it visible from a good distance. Vehicle labeling and printing can also be easily done to emphasize being an ambulance.

Toyota Hiace Ambulance Interior

The interior of the HiAce is very spacious, with comfortable and elaborate seating for 14 people. However, the seats are replaced with a customized setup for an ambulance. The HiAce comes in standard, mid and high roof variants adding more space subsequently. The interior of the HiAce is very comfortable with vibration and shock resistance to enjoy a smooth drive.


For an ambulance, the seats are removed, and a non-slip, washable, and antibacterial PVC flooring is done. The interior is reinforced with supporting sheets to make the vehicle thermally insulated; the vehicle is also made soundproof to add to the patient’s comfort. The cabin is provided with all necessary equipment for prehospital care, including a stretcher and all necessary medical equipment.


Cabinets and small countertops are also provided for storing things and carrying out different tasks. To maximize the use of space, under-seat storage is also provided with the squad bench. To ensure proper and sufficient lighting, spot lamps and fluorescent lamps are also provided. A control panel for controlling light, temperature, communication, etc., is also added for efficient functioning.

Price of Toyota Hiace Ambulance

Toyota Hiace Ambulance Price 2023 in Pakistan depends on the type of fabrication and equipment installed. Conversion price starts from Rs. 900,000 and can go as high as Rs. 3,000,000 for top-of-the-line ALS Cardiac Ambulance. Modification of Basic Life Support BLS ambulances is cheaper as compared to Standard Life Support SLS or Advance Life Support ALS ambulances.

Ambulance Fabrication in Pakistan by Marks

Ambulance fabrication is the perfect solution to the dearth of ambulances in Pakistan. The fabrication helps in equipping ambulances with the best possible additions. The fabrications are done after consideration of the structure of the car that has come for fabrication. Here is some remodeling done by Marks.

1) Hiace Van (Hi-Roof)

Our ambulance fabricated in the Hiace Van (Hi-Roof) is our premium and most famous product. The high roof allows for extra space and makes the ambulance highly functional and spacious. It can be modified to serve as a basic and advanced life support ambulance as well as a cardiac and rescue ambulance. It is one of our most priced products.

2) Hiace Van (Std-Roof)

This is one of our premium products in which international standard ambulances have been fabricated in the spacious, comfortable, and powerful Hiace van (stad roof). The ambulance has been equipped with all essential equipment and system needed in a basic and advanced life support ambulance.


Toyota Hiace is a perfect vehicle for commercial as well as family use. Many ambulance manufacturers make the best use of this vehicle by transforming it into an ambulance. The engine power, specifications, interior space, and durable exterior body are perfect for an ambulance. The prices vary with the model and the equipment installed in it.