ISUZU D MAX Price 2022 in Pakistan

isuzu d max

ISUZU D MAX Price 2022 in Pakistan

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Looking to go for an adventure in style? The new ISUZU D Max is here to take you off to an off-road adventure with unparalleled power and style. The second generation of ISUZU D MAX, which was introduced in 2012, has gone quite many levels up with its 2022 upgrade. The new ISUZU D MAX is designed to project power, robustness, comfort, space, and style all in one. The car is designed to conquer the most challenging terrains and give you a driving experience like never before.

The new ISUZU D MAX has a lot to offer its customers, with quite a number of updates on the exterior and interior. This mighty beast with the muscle body, powerful engine, and streamlined features according to the customer’s needs is available in six different variants, offering lots of variety for customers to choose from. The simplest variant is available at a price as low as Rs. 3,450,000. The prices of this amazing ISUZU D MAX are pretty competitive and affordable for the Pakistani customer market.

What’s New?

isuzu d max

Source: Pakwheels

Like every succeeding model, this new model has several updates to outclass its previous version. The changes have been made in the exterior and interior and under the hood. The facelift is, however, not much prominent. If you are new to pick-up trucks, you might not be able to spot the differences.


isuzu d max exterior


The front of the ISUZU D MAX 2022 is not much revamped except with a change in the grille, making it look more luxurious and stylish. The meshed grille has been replaced with horizontal bars with a dark chrome finish, unlike the silver in the previous model. The new curving arches help to give the car a more robust look. The rest of the parts, including headlights, fog lamps, bumper, etc., are the same.

isuzu d max exterior


Likewise, the side and rear of the new model have not been much revamped and uplifted with only slight changes. The back LED taillights now have black trims instead of the previous chrome finish. However, unlike the earlier versions, the new models are available in some fantastic colors. If you are a keen observer, you will observe the new black wheels designed to match the dark body of the car.

Other features observed in the top-of-the-line model are door visors, rear parking sensors, multi-reflectors, a shark fin antenna, roof rails, rocker plate, tailgate ornament, and daytime running lights.


isuzu d max interior

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The interior of the car can be as luxurious as possible. The interior look has completely changed with a new double-toned color scheme in the upholstery, although there are not many significant changes to the details. The car’s interior is quite spacious, making room for five people comfortably. The windows and steering are power controlled and provide you with smooth control. The power steering offers excellent control to maneuver the car even in highly rugged areas. Power windows and doors offer an easy experience.

There are several amazing amenities that you can enjoy in the new model, including a complete entertainment package with an eight-inch screen and eight speakers in the top-of-the-line model. You can enjoy a completely new driving experience with Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS), hill descent control, hill start aid, emergency braking system, electronic stability control, and traction control. Among the numerous updates, the inclusion of seven airbags is one fantastic safety feature.

ISUZU D MAX 2022 Specs:

isuzu dmax specs


The ISUZU D MAX 2022, like its previous models, comes with a powerful 3.0 Liter AND 2.5 Liter DOHC 16 Valve engine. The robust engine provides a maximum torque of 350 Nm and a maximum power of 150 horsepower at 1800-2600 rpm. The car is available in automatic and manual transmission with a 5 level gearbox. 4 Wheel drive is an additional option in the vehicle. The vehicle is fuel-efficient and offers great mileage of 12.4 km for every liter.

isuzu dmax specs


The car is available in six different variants, with the top in the line as the first and then so on:

  • ISUZU D MAX V Cross Automatic
  • ISUZU D MAX V Cross Manual
  • ISUZU D MAX Hi Lander Double Standard
  • ISUZU D MAX Hi Lander Standard
  • ISUZU D MAX Hi Spark Standard
  • ISUZU D MAX Hi Spark Deckless

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ISUZU D MAX Price 2022 in Pakistan:

The price of this stunning car is a game-changer. One cannot imagine a car with such amazing features and style coming at such a nominal price. Even the top of the line variant comes at a competitive price of Rs. 6,960,000. The simplest variant, the ISUZU D MAX Hi Spark Single Cab Deckless, comes at a highly affordable price of Rs. 3,450,000. The rest of the variants are in between these two extremes.

ISUZU Flat Roof Canopy by Marks:

One of our flagship models, the ISUZU D-MAX is the perfect car for Marks conversion. The flat roof canopy as the name suggests is a vehicle with the canopy having the height same as that of the cabin giving it a cohesive and elegant look. The canopy is equipped as per the customer’s demand with seats, air conditioning, an entertainment system, etc. The canopy is designed to complete the look of the car by providing it with rear brake lights and windows.

In A Nutshell:

The ISUZU D MAX is an amazing pick-up truck that is suitable for carrying heavy loads and taking you on an off-road excursion. The exceptional powerful drive, comfortable and luxurious interior, robust exterior, and affordable, competitive prices have made this a great purchase.

Images Source: Car Dekho – Isuzu D-Max